Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Everyone has one!!

Honestly, everyone has these things now. I can't even count the amount of times I've started one of these things and stopped keeping up with it after a few months. I'll try hard. (Which soudns like something you actually write in your journal!!) Basically, life in our home is as normal.

We've been married almost 3 years, we're in the same apartment we've been in for almost two years, we DO have a new we're up to three adorable cats now...and I'm graduated. Daniel is in school and working part time (if he gets the job he interviewed for yesterday!!) Dan's knee is always hurting just a bit...just slight pain. I was recently diagnosed with Crohn's disease, and at first I was so depressed over it (but who wants to get into that now!). I've really come to terms with things though. When I have a flare-up I eat very VERY carefully.....basically just noodles or rice. When things calm down I can eat more things...I just have to be very careful. So, I've lost about 10-15 pounds with this thing...guess that is an upside! Dan is absolutely fabulous...the most loving and caring husband ever. We both agree that we are beyond blessed.

As of late, we've taken to home improvements. Not that we have a home technically. Well, of course we have a home...we don't OWN a house. We are still renting. But, we are allowed to paint (at least that was the rule two years ago and I'm not giving them the chance to change things up on me now!!) and make little changes as long as the basic structure of the home isn't changed. Each payday (once a month! blah!) we get something to change the apartment a little. This past weekend it was paint. We painted our kitchen wall a pretty coral color (an ACCENT WALL according to Martha Stewart). It really brings in the room, which was beyond huge. To add to the kitchen I want to get a corner cabinet that I will paint black, then a new dining table and chairs....that will be slow coming...but Craigslist is fabulous for these sorts of things.

We are painting an accent wall in our living room, the smallest room we've got, a solid, flat blue. Not Duke blue. Not Carolina blue. Just to be clear. Just blue....i think it's called sailboat blue or something. But the blue will be great with all the other blues, yellows, greens, and pinks we have going on in the room. I don't think we can do much else with the living room, except maybe a wall of various antique picture frames...the room is just too small.

Upstairs, I want to paint the whole room the same coral color as the kitchen. Dan can paint his mancave whatever he's his!! Of course, when we move, everything will have to go back to white....but I've been thinking...I may not paint it back. We're already gonna lose our deposit because of a spot on the carpet that our cat tore up (note: cats do NOT like to be locked out of the bedroom at night!) so maybe, just maybe, we shall leave them a surprise!!

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