Monday, March 31, 2008

Tag! - mainly because I'm killing time

Ten years ago I was: 13...that's crazy. I'm pretty sure I was in eighth grade having a lot of fun with my middle school friends; personally I think I looked my best during this year and the next...then real life set in and I realized life wasn't a fairy tale and sometimes things are hard. I remeber being very carefree this year and taking French, which i LOVED Every weekend I was at someone's house, I had a super cute boyfriend named Scott who I never saw, we just talked on the phone and kissed a couple times, and it was great fun all around...that year and those people are some I'm never forget!

Five years ago I was: 19!! I had just gotten engaged three weeks before! I was nervous, stressed, finishing a semester, totally in love, young, silly, skipped a lot of class, had the most amazing friends in the world, felt like it was me and Dan against the world. I'd just gotten my first bigtime summer job and was scared to death that I was going to be a bad wife. I remember having a hard time juggling school, a fiancee, money, family, friends, work, wedding planning, etc.

One year ago: I was almost done with my last semester of college. I was scared to death! I didn't wanna be done with school...the past two years with Daniel, I'd gotten into a routine and I didn't want things to change...anyway, we were sharing an apartment with Walter, stressing out, trying to find a job for after graduation, and basically just scared for some major changes

My to-do list: clean my bathrooms, finish the laundry, grocery shop, re-do budget and finish paying this month's bills EARLY! (sort of a new concept for us but we are trying to turn this around!), set out Tuesday's clothes, feed cats, take out trash, call granny, finish the taxes, help Dan with his psychology, get to bed early, read my Scriptures...obviously not much of this will happen tonight

Bad habits: interrupting people (seriously, i just can't keep my ideas in...i'm really working on it), complaining when I'm sick, not capitalizing letters when necessary, correcting your grammar but using bad grammar myself, being nosy, not taking care of myself health-wise, never saying "no," forgetting to feed the cats (obviously not ready for a kid, even after three years of marriage!!), unable to focus on more than one thing at a time...maybe i have me those are the worst...but nothing awful

Snacks I enjoy: peaches, grapes, peanut butter crackers, popcorn, cheese-its, string cheese, dry cereal (only some), popsicles

I suddenly got a billion dollars I would: pay off our debt ASAP, buy a house, buy one more car, buy my parents a smaller house or remodel theirs, create college funds for our planned kids, spend six months traveling europe and africa with daniel, then save/invest the rest and live like normal

Places I've lived: raleigh...places in parent's house, owen hall (ncsu), bragaw (ncsu), 1st apartment in north raleigh, current place near ncsu

Things you might not know about me: i am actually NOT a people person...i get in moods where i am, sometimes for months or even a year or so...but at heart, i crave quiet and small get togethers...i do NOT like big groups of people, i get nervous. i am obsessed with learning about the Tudor family. I didn't start out going to college because I wanted to...I did it because that's "what you do after you graduate high school". I like to garden. I have a way of snubbing people without knowing i'm doing it...people often think I'm snobby when i'm just thinking and not paying attention to my surroundings...I really do want to be your friend, as soon as I'm done with my thought! I LOVE to work.

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