Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I lied....whatever!

So........I totally said I'd write the next day...and I didn't. Whatever! Anyway, there are a couple small updates I need to add...so I'll number them and make them brief:

1) We were at the beach a few weeks ago with family...everything went wrong!! I got really sick, Cory (One of dan's brothers) ended up in the hospital for almost the entire week because his appendix ruptured, and some other stuff I won't get into. All in all, even though things were chaotic, I still had a good time. It was nice to see family and also just to relax on the beach. Daniel had so much fun with his brothers and sisters...but those Clements boys really bonded...it was too cute! Also, our beach view was AMAZING!! We literally stayed right on the beach in this amazing condo......it was great!

2) We want a baby. Seriously. Things have gone wrong in the past regarding this topic...kind of personal. However, we are so ready! Maybe not 100% financially...but we have been praying a lot and listening a lot and we have our answer. What a blessing a baby would be!! What a humbling experience for us!! Please pray that my health continues to improve, that my Crohn's goes away, that Daniel continues in school, that we are blessed when the time is right with a little one. Also, in case you were wondering...we already have names picked out!! But, we are also prepared with the fact that things may change and it may not be the exact time for a baby...we will be grateful for our path...

3) Summer!! seriously! I love this season! Ok, I hate the way my face is greasy, my hair curls, and everyone is sweaty...but i LOVE the pool and the beach and the carefree feeling of summer!! i'm already not going to bed when i should so i'm rested for work, planning tons of little trips, even though our budget is tight, tanning by the pool and/or beach nonstop...i just love it!!

4) I've realized even more than ever how blessed I am to have Daniel in my life. In the past 5 months, I've literally been sick almost non-stop. I've been to the hospital twice. Don't even ask me to count the doctor's appointments. Through all of this, Daniel has been amazing. He even stayed awake 3 days and nights straight with me to make sure I made it through the night alright and without trouble (yes, I was REALLY sick!!) I never doubt his love for me and our family (ok, just us right now...but you know). Daniel is so different than the person I expected him to be when we started dating over 6 years ago (CRAZY!!!). As of this June 11 we will have been married for three years. People always ask why we did this so young. I don't know! Marrying Daniel just after I turned 20 is the ONLY crazy thing I've ever done. Well, that and even starting to date daniel. I've always taken risks and chances with Daniel...and they've always paid off. I suppose, sometimes it's worth it to go against your normal tendencies, especially when everything in your body is telling you to follow your heart. Now that three years have passed (more than 7 since we started all of this!!) my extended family realizes that this marriage is the best thing to have ever happened to me! I am beyond blessed!! I know no one in high school would have expected me, of all the people there, to have chosen this path so young....but I knew how happy and blessed and lucky I was to have even more time with my love than the average person.

I suppose that's it for a brief update...I mean, a ton more has happened but I wanted to sum it up. And basically, we are ready for summer, ready to get past the health stuff and move on to the next phase of our lives, and I'm just feeling truly loved and valued....I don't think I could ask for more!

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