Monday, June 23, 2008

Let me share...

I want to share with you all the "joy" Daniel and I have been sharing for the past week. Last Sunday evening, we attended an anniversary party for a close family friend of mine...someone I grew up with...and the party was great fun.

On the way home, Daniel suddenly said, "I may need you guys to pull over" With Walter driving, I knew we'd be ok, because Walter is surprisingly great in emergency situations like this, whereas I tend to panic. Unfortunately, Walter didn't get to show off his amazing emergency skills, because the next thing we hear is this really gross..."Splugggghhh" sound and I turn around to see Daniel with his head outside the car. We were on such a rural road, that it took us another minute or so to find a place to pull over where we'd be safe. To put things bluntly...the right rear of our car and trunk were covered in Daniel's dinner. YUCK!!!

So, we made it home...but then...I started feeling queasy. To save you all your lunches, we were grateful for two bathrooms in our apartment because we were sick from something bad we ate until about 11 am the next morning.

Now, you'd think that was the end of our story and the week would go up from there. Oh no. Wrong. We have much better luck than that! I wasn't planning on getting my wisdom tooth pulled the next day, but I was given a better time and told the extraction would be no problem, so I would be able to return to work Wednesday. They also agreed to give me an awesome payment plan with no interest if I came in at the earlier time on Tuesday. So, even though I'd missed work Monday, I went in to have my tooth removed Tuesday.

Well, as the extraction took longer and longer and was more and more difficult than the dentist expected, they told me, "Well, you aren't going to feel like going to work tomorrow (Wednesday), so we'll give you a note in case you need it" I don't need notes when I miss work, as we work on the honor system and I truly adore my job and would never miss work unless necessary, but as I've been sick off and on for six months, I take every note and record of my being sick and save them in case they are ever needed. I took the note, left with my pain prescription, and went on my way, planning to stay in Dan's parent's bed all day the next day to rest while Daniel watched the kids.

Well, around 530 pm, while chatting with Michelle (Dan's mom), I all of the sudden felt excruciating pain...not just the dull pain from the extraction!! I assumed I needed my pain medicine...I teared up and Michelle, being great, called Daniel and told him to get my pain medicine to me ASAP. With percocet in hand, we headed home and I crashed on the sofa.

Unfortunately, the pain did not subside. I was up all night that night, and Wednesday night. At this point, I'd missed work Mon-Wed and would be missing Thursday to return to the dentist for a washing and re-packing. You can probably tell by now from my symptoms...I had/still have a dry socket!! EEEKKK!!! The re-packing gave me immediate relief...for about two hours....then I was down and out again!!! I was given antibiotics due to a fever I was developing from this procedure. I'm not sure they are helping...I was back in the dentist's office Saturday (my super kind dentist came in on his weekend off to care for me) and got the dry socket re-packed again!! The relief lasted for about 6 hours this time...then it was back. I didn't sleep at all Saturday night. Sunday was misery. Antibiotics and percocet are not helping. Ice helps somewhat. Sleep is near impossible.

I finally told Daniel that when he is home from watching the kids today, I want a blessing. I have to have a blessing. I have to get through a day of work without such pain!! I love my job so much and don't like putting my job at risk....I feel like if I'm gonna have a week off...I want to be on vacation, not in pain!!

So, that has been the week my beloved husband and I have shared. How blessed we are to have each other and how lucky we are to be able to find peace in small moments (see the last blog), even during rough times.

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