Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My Sweet Husband....and not so sweet dentist visit!

Well, today marks our third anniversary. We've been married for three years! This fact is so amazing to me! I am just so incredibly blessed to have married such a kind and understanding man! He truly encompasses all that I want in an eternal companion, as well as a best friend, father to my children, an amazing example, etc. I think it's obvious I love Daniel more than words can say!! I may be an English major but I have no idea how to explain or describe my feelings for him!! After 8 years of knowing him, 7 years of being together, and 3 years of is just amazing!!! I love waking up in the morning, and I really love the moments before we fall asleep...when we are laying there talking in FRIENDS quotes, laughing at the day's events, planning our buget...sort of, and just dozing off! I'm so happy!!

To celebrate our anniversary, we went to the dentist!!! Just kidding! Daniel is taking me to dinner at my favorite restaurant, then I'm taking him to see a movie he wants to see! I'm also getting him new heads to his sonicare toothbrush for Father's Day. He has been going on and on about them!! BUT, we DID go to the dentist today. It was somewhat of an adventure...for both of us. I'll divide and conquer, explaining, as quickly as possible, what each of us came up against!

Daniel: Although I swore up and down he would be the one with the teeth that needed work...I was wrong! He doesn't have a single cavity, has very strong enamel, and really just needs to floss to keep his teeth in good shape. He said he almost choked a few times on the xray thing they hard to fit in your mouth but it takes digital photos which are more advanced. He will need all four of his wisdom teeth removed by an oral surgeon as none have errupted. Daniel normally hates the dentist so I was happy for him that he got a good report! He was so proud, like a sweet little boy! I just know our little ones will have that same grin!

Robin: I usually love the dentist. I've never had a cavity and I'm always praised for my amazing lie, they tell me my teeth are amazing! This time around...not so much. I had all the xrays done too...I have 10...YES TEN!!!...tiny pinprick sized cavities, all in between my molars because i don't floss. I can't get my mouth open that far because of my jaw issues. We also saw on the xrays the left joint of my jaw is almost worn completely out...almost all gone. That's causing me a lot of pain. My wisdom teeth don't help...the tech said she didn't know how I could even open or close my mouth with the way my wisdom teeth were pointing. So, I will have to have my mouth working on by my dentist one quadrant at a'll cost a lot of money...but our insurance will help!

Obviously, we plan to begin flossing TONIGHT!!! I'm so not kidding about this. This work will get done on our mouths and that's it!!

Otherwise, I have a few other cute stories...but I'm at work and really need to get some work done!! SO, I'll write another one another day!!

Love you all!

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