Sunday, June 22, 2008


Last night it rained a ton. It was so lovely and calming to sit outside in between storms. While there was a break between the rain showers, Daniel and I sat outside in our chairs (we covered them with towels)....our chairs we found beside the dumpsters....and he read his book while I worked on a wedding gift for a reception we are going to this week. We really didn't talk. Normally, I need to be talking non-stop to feel that bonding...but while we were sitting out there, both of us focused on our own activity, and our feet propped up on the same stool so that our toes just barely touched...all I could think was that I hadn't felt closer to my husband in a long long time. It was just wonderful.

On another note, the end of the month is coming. Daniel and I always greet the end of the month with both frustration and excitement! The end of the months is my payday. As I have been sick, and some medical bills have stacked up....well as soon as we get paid, the money seems to be gone! Funny thing is, we were talking today, and we realized we've never been happier!! We usually go on one date outside the house a month. That's not to say that we don't do little things here and there but you know...but we find it's not the big dates, but the evenings we eat sandwiches and watch a movie, then play some video games together that we have the most fun. The evenings where I cut Daniel's hair, or he dries my hair for me because I'm too tired....we have so much more fun being poor throughout the month. I really find that something to think about during the fluctuation and scary nature of our current economy. We've cut our unnecessary expenses like cable and cell phones (we plan to just use a prepaid one for emergencies only...we are really anti-cell phones really!) and find we CAN live without those things...and live even happier than we were before.

I need to get back to the wedding gift I'm working on...and while I say that, I will most likely lay down with an ice pack to soothe the pain in my jaw until Daniel gets home from work and we can take a Sunday afternoon nap....lovely!

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