Thursday, July 24, 2008

Is this for real??

Ok, I'm gonna start off by letting the world know that I love love LOVE to read celebrity gossip. Daniel can't stand it. (Well, he says he can't, but he often passes it on to me!!) I buy an US Weekly almost every week and check out their site daily. I won't lie, it's a guilty pleasure that I'm not super embarassed about. I think what makes it "OK" for me to read this stuff, or at least how I justify it, is that I don't take what I read to heart. I ponder what I read (seriously, who "ponders" what they read in celebrity gossip - what more proof do you need I'm a dork?!) and then consider other perspectives. I know there may not be much truth to what I read. Anyway, I came across the following link online this the story, then continue reading my blog.


Ok, so you're down here which (hopefully) means you've read the article. Well, whether or not this is true is whatever. Who cares. But in my ever-so-insightful "pondering" led me to this question: Let's say this article is true. Let's assume Angelina (whom I's true) had in-vitro done to, as the article puts it, "'she wouldn't have to deal with the stress of trying to get pregnant,' the source tells Us. 'She could just knock it out.'"

Well, assuming all of that is true...doesn't anyone else think that is sad?? I mean, isn't making a baby supposed to be an enjoyable process?? I mean....I'm not gonna get into the mechanics but, all I could think was (IF THIS IS TRUE!) how sad! She doesn't even want to be emotionally and physically close to her man...(and he's a good looking man at that!!). I mean, why have him around if she doesn't wanna deal with the act of MAKING the baby?? If Daniel said to me, "Let's just knock it out, not deal with the stress of sex, etc, etc" I'd first, step back and wonder when the aliens took my husband and replaced him with a replica form of him, and second, no longer really want to have a baby with him.

whatever....i just thought the idea of this was sort of sad. I supposed I need to add a disclaimer that I have NOTHING against in-vitro fertilization...I'd just be so sad if my significant other chose that course of conception to "eliminate stress" and hassle.

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