Thursday, July 3, 2008

A lunchtime survey

Do you like Hot Pockets? I love hot pockets...except i eat them too soon after they are done and always burn my mouth...they were a staple in our house in our first two years of marriage!! I try to avoid them as much as possible though......not so great for you!

What would you do if you won 1,000 bucks? Right now, I'd catch up on bills, then Dan and I could spend $100 each.....other than that I'd like to save the rest

Do you have a job? Sure do :)

If so, what is it? Freshman Evaluator......i heart my job

What do/did you think of high school? i enjoyed it at first but i was over it a year before i graduated...just ready to move's both great and sucky at the same time

Have you ever engaged in underage drinking? i did a few times when i was younger, but i never had the urge to can you when your parents don't mind if you drink sometimes?!

Have you driven without a license? i mean i HAD it....just not on me at the time

Do you like soda in a can, bottle, or as a fountain drink? fountain sodas really do taste the best

What kind of things do you look for in a relationship? well, i'm already in one...but i think it's important to have a deep friendship, trust, be a little silly, and faith...

Do you like to be the crusher or the crushee? i'd prefer to have someone adore me! hahah

What kind of music do you listen to? right now i'm listening to this low-key alternative stuff......normally though it's classic rock

Would you rather read a book or a magazine? depends on my mood...magazines are nice to wind down with but i get absorbed in books

CD's or digital copies? i'm gonna be honest...i'm not sure i know the difference

How much tv do you watch a day? about 2 or three hours....sad i know

Myspace or facebook? facebook.......i LOVE facebook...i'm on it all day!

Do you ever click on pop-up ads? nope

Do you pass on chain messages? only once in a blue moon

Do horror movies actually horrify you? some the ones that could actually happen....not like jason movies and such, but movies based on reality....where it could actually truly happen...yeah...there are truly sick people out there

What would you do for a Klondike Bar? not so much right now...that cold and sweet hurts my teeth

Are you stressed? i need to work out a couple bill issues but overall....excited for a long weekend

Are you at home or with friends more often? at social traits are strange

How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop? i bite the candy off to get to the tootsie none

Are you amazed by Post-It notes? you have no idea! just the other day i was in target and saw an entire shelf unit of post-its...from top to bottom....i yelled "dan! look at all the different kinds of post-its!" i'm obsessed....but i always lose them

Do you think you have a lot of friends? i have a few close friends...and plenty of casual aquaintances

Are you addicted to anything? crosswords, books, foods that are bad for me....nothing horrible!

Do you have a REAL phobia? i don't like being on's just not right

Have you had braces? nope! i was so lucky!

What about glasses or contacts? i have glasses but i can't remember the last time i wore them!

What kind of clothes do you wear? casual, classic, nothing super trendy

If you had to mold yourself into a stereotype, what would you call it? goody two shoes...with a dark side....i think up the plans.....then step back and watch others catch the trouble......awful i know

What is your favorite shoe brand? i don't have a favorite....if i like a shoe i buy it

Are you annoyed easily? by certain things, yes....there are other things i have endless patience for

Are you younger or older than the majority of your friends?'s ok

What religion do you practice? LDS woot-woot!

Do you think you're lazy? i know i can be sometimes.....sometimes i really want to be taken care of....i could be better though!

What is your favorite instant messenger? AIM...on it sometimes

Do you still send hand-written letters? yep...they are so fun to get so i send them too

Does TV rot your brain? some tv does

Is technology overruling person-to-person communication? yeah.......sort of sad....sort of fun

Do you carry any weapons? i have a police stick thingy

Is your room painted or wallpapered? painted

If you hear a word you don't know do you look it up in the dictionary? if i remember i might

How many hours of sleep do you get a night? usually 7...i prefer 9 -10.......that obviously doesn't happen

What time is it? 11:39 am

What time do wish it was? 3 pm so we could all leave early and i could get done what i need to get done

When it comes to the opposite sex, what is your "type"? my husband......someone who's friendly, kind and caring, has the same sense of humor that i do, someone a little taller than me, someone really smart who isn't a doormat and sticks up for his opinions even if it causes us to fight

Do you have a significant other? got me a hubby

Have you ever told a girl/boyfriend you loved them but didn't mean it? one of them yes

Do you believe in "no sex before marriage?" i sure do....i really think sex adds a layer of complication that isn't necessary, relationships are already WAY too complicated......however, if you feel differently than me, i don't think less of you at all

What do you do for fun? read, watch movies, play trivia games at home or out, go to the pool

Do you like sports? i like to watch to play a few

Do you spend a lot of time with your family? my side, i'm not so keen on the idea right now but we see them enough, dan's side, for the most part yes........we love our families so much

What gets on your nerves? loud tvs, whiney kids (or adults for that matter), scary/aggressive driving, people who choose ignorance

TAG: anyone who wants to do this......i'd like to see everyone's answers!!

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