Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Pet Peeves

Ok! Sometimes I feel the need to vent about my pet peeves, particularly when they've been set off so many times in a week or so. So, here are a few that really really drive me insane and I've experienced them all this week:

1) Talking During Movies: Now, I am fine if when we sit down early to a movie there is a normal volume chatter during that nonsense that runs before previews. In fact, it's welcome so we don't have that awkward silence in the theater. Once the lights go down and the previews come on, I don't mind hearing "OOH, I wanna see that" or "That looks so funny" or whatever. That's fine. I love previews but I know we all get excited about them. Ok, here is where I get annoyed: when the real movie, that I paid $9/ticket to see, comes on and I still hear chatter. I always hope that the talking will die down once the movie has played for a few minutes. That used to happen. Now, within the past couple years or so though, I've noticed a good majority of patrons continue to talk through movies, at a normal volume. Whether they are just talking, commenting on the movie (or to the movie in a lot of cases), or on their phones, there is plenty of chit-chat that I, and everyone else in the theater, can hear. It seems to come from kids younger than me, about 3-5 years younger. I get beyond annoyed when there is talking throughout a movie. If I'm seeing a movie in a theater it is because I REALLY wanted to see the movie in the theater, so much so I'm willing to spend upwards of $30 (tickets, snacks, etc) to see the movie...so I want to see and hear THE MOVIE...not the patrons of the movie!!! Thought I should also throw this in: my least favorite comment when I'm interrupted during a movie is "[SIGH], this movie is SO stupid!!" Um, if you don't like it, leave!

2) Space Invaders: I am like most Americans - I like my space. Only my husband and/or my cats may get into my personal space. There are certain circumstances where it's ok to be in my space...you'll know those moments. I'll tell you...or I won't try to punch you when you get in my space. Enough said.

3) Loud TVs/Radios: Seriously, there are normal volumes people. Your car frame doesn't need to be shaking in order to enjoy your music. In fact, if it's that loud, you're probably not enjoying it...I'm d*@# sure not enjoying it! Same goes for TVs. I think that there are a few allowances for loud TVs or car stereos, some of which are, a big ball game (every game of the season isn't big people!), your favorite song, a season or series finale, etc. But on a normal day, under normal circumstances, please PLEASE keep your electronics at a normal volume!

Ok, I have more pet peeves but I'll let them go for now. These are my three big ones as of late. Enjoy my rant and know that it's not directed at any of you.....unless you do these things in my presence....just kidding.....sorta

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