Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Well, lately Daniel and I have just been so up in the air about future plans and goals. Throughout the past week we've really sat down and prayed and thought about and discussed things. We really want to begin our family. However, we feel it's completely to unfair to bring a child into an envrionment in which we live...currently we are paycheck to paycheck. Now, Daniel and I can handle that just fine. It's not a problem for us. But, we don't feel it's fair to do that to a little baby.

After some talking and such we've decided to put off having a child for another year (which really means two years but...we've recieved our confirmation that we are making the right choice here). We weren't pregnant after months of no BC anyway...I'm not bitter and I really mean that but, it's definitely harder when everyone around you has babies or people you love are pregnant. BUT, we continue to have faith in our Heavenly Father and his plans for us.

Daniel really really wants his degree...I told him that this is one area that it is ok to be selfish...we've decided I will continue to work full time, taking a class here and there at NCSU since I can take them for free at NCSU. Daniel will return to more steady work through December. Then, he will be attending school full time. He can do a little part time work on the side. With me not sick and recieving much bigger checks (ok, they aren't huge but they are the way they are supposed to be, not cut due to time out) we won't be paycheck to paycheck and we can live a little more comfortably, as well as save for a baby in the future. We're good with these plans. Yes, things have changed for us but I do think it's important that when we recieve promptings, guidance, answers, etc to follow and just continue to listen, rather than choosing to "do our own thing". Our answer to having a baby just happens to be "not yet" and, in the end, that's ok.

We have other stuff going on but being at work, I think I've spent enough time posting for one day!!

Love to all!

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JamesnMeagan said...

If you ever want to vent to me about being baby hungry shoot me an email or call. James and I have been trying for 3 years to have a baby and I know how hard it is to know you want one, but can't. For you guys the timing isn't right, and for us we just don't know. Just trust in Heavenly Father and he'll take care of you. That's what keeps me going. :) Just wanted to let you know that I care and am here if you want to vent. :)