Monday, July 21, 2008

You and I...

Oh gosh. It's been a while. We're still here! I've just being trying to find some time to work on the blog...maybe I've been trying to find the RIGHT time to work on a new posting. Thanks have been insanely crazy lately. Daniel and I are going about 110 MPH every day and last night (Sunday) we crashed. We were so exhausted. Daniel was asleep at 6 pm and slept all night. I fought off sleep until 10 pm just so I'd be able to sleep through the night...which I did. I woke up on the sofa (where I'd finally given in to the sweet bliss of sleep) in the middle of the night as Daniel was tucking a blanket around me...I kissed him and was asleep again right away. Getting up for work this morning was hard for both us. Daniel is to go to Granny's and help her trim bushes before it gets too warm. I'm working all day. I'm considering leaving around 2 or 3 to get some good rest. I have an incredibly annoying, nagging cold. I would love to rest up emotionally and physically.

On another note, our weekend was crazy busy but lovely. Fri. night we saw Batman...everyone in the movie did great. Heath Ledger, well, you couldn't tell it was him...he really put himself into that role. Christian Bale is just downright goodlooking so...I was just pleased to see him. Maggie Gylenhal (sp?) did such a great job and added depth to the role of Rachel, which Katie Holmes didn't. I'm a Katie fan, but it's the truth!

I ruined the movie for everyone before it even started so I felt badly about that...whatever though. The action and gadgets and the Joker made up for all of it!!

Sat morning, after the little sleepover was done, we were supposed to see Mom for her bday but she wasn't up for it (if you've talked to me, you know why), so instead, we spent the afternoon with Dan's parents and family to celebrate Tabb's bday. It was so fun. I was exhausted all day, but I really enjoyed a distraction from life, as well as how fun all those kids can be when they are together. Daniel and Brian are more instigators and problematic than the young's nice to hear them all laughing and going crazy!

Late Sat night I baked mom's bday cake...had a bit of trouble getting one of the layers out of the pan, but got it done, and stayed up late to finish Apollo 13 and ice the two layers of the cake together.

Sunday, at 8 am we were at mom's to help her out. She had me iron and had Daniel and Walter put her office together the way she wanted. then, around 330, we went home, where the crashing began.

Dan and I have this unique tradition of NOT eating a big meal on Sunday's like most families. I don't cook most of the Sundays. We just snack a smidge in the morning. Around 4 pm we each get to the kitchen, put together what we each want for dinner...usually something weird and very easy (for Daniel, any leftovers we have go into sandwich form on Sunday afternoons). It's a different tradition but it's nice to have a day where we just do what we want, according to our own schedules.

My dad didn't call once this weekend. It sort of hurt. I feel like I'm reaching for him...and he'll accept it if I do the reaching...I want him to do the reaching sometimes. Dan asked me "Why dont' you wait for him to call you?" My answer was this: "He might not ever call" How scary to me that my father may seclude himself from our family, myself particularly. I've always been a daddy's girl. I suppose most of us are too scared to tempt situations like that. Maybe I need to take a leap of faith and wait for him to call...or maybe I need to just keep calling him. Dan's dad, Tabb, told me about a book where a pastor of a church challenged his congregation to think "What would Jesus do?" before each of their actions. Seems easy at the start, but I don't think so. When I apply that question to the situation with my father, I'm not sure of the answer...hence, my even greater confusion!

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