Thursday, August 7, 2008

An Omen??

OK, so there are a few things I wanted to put in this blog today; Rocks, Siamese twins, dan's ne job and a quote. I made that little list because I tend to forget things! Also, i'm not in the grammar mood today so there won't be all that capitalization and goes


Since last week each morning and afternoon Daniel and I have left the house, or arrived home from work we've found a avg. sized rock on the walkway near our door, enough to stumble over and whatnot. The second day I saw it (i'd knocked it off the pathway the first time i found it) I said "hmmm" and kicked it away again. Day three, rock there again that afternoon and I tossed it far from the house and said "if that thing is there again in the morning i'm gonna be scared!" then, "dan, are you putting it here as a joke?" he said "nope, i'm with you or at work all day, how could i?"....good point but he IS known for his jokes on me! fourth day, that afternoon, TWO rocks, yesterday (day five), one rock again. They are always decent size, not boulders obviously but big enough to notice and trip on. Dan swears he isn't doing this. i'm choosing to believe him. which leads me to my point..........CREEPY!!!! who (or what?) is putting rocks near our door everyday? why? what do they mean (if anything). i'm sorry, this is not a coincidence. we've never had rocks appear like this, our place isn't near a particularly rocky area, AND the rocks are always in the EXACT SAME PLACE!!! it's freaking me out


the other night we saw a documentary about this set of siamese twins who have two heads and share a body. we got to wondering about some things. how will the marriage thing work? what if one head is sleepy? is the other head sleepy? do both girls register the pain of their one body? if one girl doesn't look at the book while the other head is reading, does the one not looking still register what is being read? how will they take the SAT without cheating? what about dates? sex? etc etc etc!!!! usually we speculate on answers and we feel smarter because of it (and we're probably wrong but the point is we FEEL smart!)......this time it was completely beyond us to even take a shot in the dark. if you know anything about this, let us know.......we'd honestly like some answers!


Dan started a new job this week for DENR (department of environmental and natural resources); he is one of their IT guys. they gave him a GREAT pay rate and he loves his job. so, we're getting back into the same routine......something we haven't shared in almost a year!! it's so wonderful to see my husband so happy and proud again!!!


i love quotations; several times this week i've had miscommunications cause so many problems, so here's a quote that has brought me up a little, which applies not just to the two sexes, but every person......gender has little to do with it!!:

"The word love has by no means the same sense for both sexes, and this is one cause of the serious misunderstandings that divide them." Simone de Beauvoir

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