Thursday, September 25, 2008


So, for thsoe of you who know me super well, you know I like things neat, clean, and in their proper place. I feel much better when I walk into my house after work, or get in bed at night if everything is clean and smells good. I feel like outer peace and neatness help sme achieve the same feelings on the inside.

Well, the past eight months have been a horrible reflection of my true desire to keep my house clean and neat. We've been through so much that the house has sort of fallen to the bottom of our list. When we've had time, or when one of us has felt up to it, we'd do the bare minimum pick-up around the downstairs, note: downstairs only. Therefore, the downstairs has always been slightly icky (things like baseboards being dusty, cat box area being smelly, bathroom being covered in beauty products, etc.). and the upstairs has been in complete and utter dissarray. I mean, the upstairs...well you'd think you were at my mom and dad's house (I say this because I don't think once in my 23 years of living I've ever seen my mom's side of the room without a huge pile of bags, shoes, and clothes in front of her armoire and my dad's side of the bed not littered in magazines and books. I've NEVER seen under their bed neat and clean!!).

Since we got married, Daniel and I almost always made Saturday morning a cleaning time - like I said, this has fallen off due to the year's events and illnesses so far so we really need to try something to get this issue taken care of. Monday Daniel and I really worked to get the house downstairs picked up. The kitchen is clean, the living room is clean, and the cat box area is completely spotless and is actually a new spot as we moved the cat box to a new location. We still need to clean the baseboards, the bathroom, and the area behind our sofa/under the stairs. Those are easy, small jobs. We've spent all week (ok, three days, but this is part of our resolution!) making sure we pick up behind ourselves so that things stay neat the way we (I) like them.

Today, I ran across this article on Yahoo about how to clean your home in 19 minutes. I read through the article and it was pretty much accurate. Here it is:

Assuming you start with a neat, clean house, if you follow this list (I used to follow something very similar) then you should keep a fairly neat house regularly. Obviously, once a month or so you may need to spend a few hours doing extra things, like mopping your floor, dusting the fans, organizing your closet, etc etc etc. However, if you're finding it hard to keep the house neat after you do your weekly cleaning, try this list for a week, and see how it works. You can always tweak it...even adding ten minutes to it with little chores like cleaning the litter box, taking out recylcling/trash, etc still has your house clean in 30 imagine if you made a seperate list for your spouse, or a list for each of your kids.......things could really stay picked up without YOU doing all the work!

*****Also, I know that if you have a little one(s), this list would need tweaking, or may need to be followed more than once a day...well, make the list fit your life. Do the bedroom part of the list in the morning, or the bathroom part of your list on commercial breaks during your favorite show. My point is, with just a few adjustments to suit your life and family, this list is can work for anyone!*****


Dan and Amanda said...

I am the exact same way with our house... but, you link didn't work.. I'll try it again on a different computer.

Daniel and Robin said...

maybe if you look up the topic on yahoo?? i'm guessing since it's not up today, the link has changed...i'll check it out...or have dan check it out :)