Saturday, September 13, 2008


so, forever, dan and i have always said we wanted to each write books or novels....daniel even has some beginings going as far as characters, basic plot, etc. he is definitely going to be writing a sci-fi book if he ever does fufill this dream. daniel has such an imagination that he could come up with ideas like no one's business.

me, on the other hand, i get my inspiration from dreams i have. about once every two or three weeks i'll have a dream..........a dream that stands out, is original, provokes my thought, and really makes me feel "you know, you need to write a book about this". then, i just blow off the prompting, forget the dream in a day or so, and later wish i'd actually listened to that inner voice!!

well, last night i had one of "those" dreams. i'm determined not to let this one go. in fact, i wrote down the basic gist of the dream, and i'm going to really try to dream further about the same thing tonight....if that is possible. i find that in these dreams myself or someone i know, is the main character. the dreams aren't completely autobiographical. they might include on part of my life that is true, say that i'm married, or have three cats, or if the dream is about another person, a factoid about that person, however the rest of the dream is completely fiction. anyhow, whenever i wake up, i always think to myself, "that is it! that's your book!!"

daniel and i talked and decided i shold listen to those promptings and start putting something together...a little something here and there....daily or three times a week, or when the prompting strikes me....whenever!!

i read online that 81% of Americans think they have a book "inside." i say go for it. i'm definitley not saying my book (yes, i've set this goal, i'll complete it....not sure how long it will take!!) will ever be published but i have to stop pushing this urge away and satisfy it. i've gotten continuously stronger and stronger promptings and i suppose it's time i listen!!!!

so that's my 5 am rambling....i am up, still thinking about that dream/book idea, reading, and watching daniel play video games.

any input on all of this anyone??

****i promise my book would use proper grammar and capitalization rules, i just don't see the need to do that here on our blog!***

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