Thursday, September 25, 2008

A little more about me...

I stole this from my MIL...and I'm not ashamed to admit it!!

I am: a really strong woman
I think: too much. Honestly, i get lost in my thoughts and ponderings quite often!
I know: that I am loved, that I am smart, that I deserve to be valued, that I am blessed, that I can always do better
I want: to give my husband, family and friends, all that they need AND want
I have: three cute cats, a fabulous husband, a job that satisfies me, and a safe home
I wish: people would accept responsibility for their actions, and also that I used my time more wisely
I hate: it when people choose to be angry for longer than is necessary
I miss: living in a dorm my sophomore year! Although Daniel was gone, that was a wonderful year...and he did come home halfway through that year! :)
I fear: a terrifying, painful, gruesome death...yes, creepy, but true. I also fear letting people down.
I feel: relaxed
I hear: a few bits of chatter and music
I smell: the dampness of our office a basement
I crave: right now?? bojangles...thanks ashley w.!!!
I search: for what it all means, my faith, personal peace....everytime I find one....seems another slips into hiding for a time!!!
I wonder: when things will settle down financially...and how we are still so happy despite things not settling down!!
I regret: Not being a little more daring in high school
I love: Fall, Thanksgiving, decorating, reading, blankets, love, kisses, sunshine that isn't too warm, suntanning when the sunshine IS warm enough, my husband
I care: about how others feel, too much so.
I always: back out of plans at the last minute...not always, but at least half the's not a personal thing, I just always overcommit us to things and have to back out of something
I am not: a math/science kind of gal, although I love the idea of genetics and biology...I see the big picture but can't grasp the pieces so well
I believe: that it's the little moments and habits that make a marriage solid
I dance: in my kitchen after special dinners that I put effort into. And, in the car
I sing: with my heart in the song...not my voice!
I don't always: do as much for myself as I can at the end of the day...I tend to get lazy once I get off of work....thanks for helping out Daniel :)
I fight: by playing Devil's Advocate, no matter my beliefs on the issue
I write: more than I used to...novel, here I come!
I lose: friends because I hate talking on the phone a lot and I suck at keeping up with people
I win: people over with one of the following tried-and-true tactics: acting dumb when I'm not, crying, or smiling.
I never: get the laundry upstairs where it belongs after I fold it!
I listen: to a wide variety of music and news shows
I can usually be found: on the left end of the sofa in the fall/winter and at the pool in the spring/summer
I am scared: of selling myself short and missing opportunities
I need: a new hairstyle......this one has been going for years!! with slight variations!
I am happy about: how I can always count on my cats to greet me when I get home! And how well Daniel and I know each other
I thee tag: Laura, Ashley, and Dan.......yeah he's a part of this blog but I want him to do this too!!

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