Tuesday, September 16, 2008

one tree hill and a yummy recipe....

Ok, well OTH, well, i cried. I don't always cry at tv shows...but it was a funeral for an awesome character....i felt like an idiot. so, anyway, i've been really crazy not feeling good and so i busted out the recipe for what i always make when dan or i is sick.

easy chicken & dumplings:

5 cooked chicken breasts, cut up or shredded
2 large boxes chicken stock/broth (you can always make your own if you cook a whole chicken breast)
3 cups water
2 cans cream of chicken soup
2 packs refigerator biscuits (not the ones with butter in them)
garlic powder
1 onion
1 can veggies of your choice (i use carrots...dan likes peas...corn is also good but my colitis won't let me handle corn...anyway, your choice)

In large soup pot, combine chicken stock/broth, water, and chicken soups and bring to a boil. Add 2 teaspoons of garlic, salt, pepper to taste. Dice onion (i don't like big chunks, so i cut it small, you can make chunks bigger though), and toss into boiling mixture. Let this boil for about 30 mins. Add diced chicken and boil with lid on for another 20 mins. Now, bring down to med-low heat and break up all raw refrigerator biscuits into soup, mixing once in a while as your adding them so they all become moist. This will seem like a lot of biscuits but i like a thick soup...more like a stew. you can add less if you like. put lid back on pot and let simmer on med-low, stirring occasionally for 30 mins. Now, at this point, the soup is essentially finished. however, i usually let it cook all day because i'm convinced the smell of chicken soup heals you just as much as eating the chicken broth.

whenever you go to serve, add whatever pre-cooked veggie you like. like i said, i like carrots, and i actually let them cook with the entire soup. however, since dan likes peas and they get really mushy if you let them cook too long, i add the peas at the last minute, for dan only. corn can cook for a long time like the carrots.

anyway, that recipe doesn't have to take as long as i like it to take...you can reduce it all down to like 30-40 mins if you use onion flakes instead of real onion, don't wanna let the smell waft through the house, etc.

basically, this stuff heals anything. well, it may not really heal anything but it tastes just like homemade, just like i spent all day rolling out my own pastries, and it really feels like home. like i said, when i'm sick, or feeling down on myself i make this stuff....and my mood is always lifted

enjoy this recipe, especially as the wether gets colder this fall/winter!

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Ashley said...

It's okay...tv makes me cry all of the time too.