Tuesday, September 30, 2008

So...the rest of the story....

....well, my mom was upset about me being in the ER so she rushed over there and I'd already been discharged, so she came over to take care of me. I didn't really need to be taken care of as Daniel took the day off to care for me, but I appreciated the gesture!

So, to pick back up with my story...I was in the waiting room for three hours. I definitely understand that there are people that are in worse situations than me. I get that and I'm totally ok with them going ahead of me. However, I'm not ok with the lady who's really nauseous complaining after she's waiting only 15 mins....sorry lady, I've been here three hours! Don't let me hear you say you are suffering...it's nausea. Yes, I know it's miserable (and to my pregnant friends, I'm not talking about the morning sickness nausea!! Ya'll are ok, plus ya'll aren't whiners and my real gripe is with the impatient people who feel entitled...ya'll are too awesome for being that way!) but come on, most of us are feeling just as bad and probably worse! You're not entitled to go ahead of me just because you want to or because you hate waiting or for whatever reason you feel makes you special!

Ok, so that is off my chest, so I made it into a private room (YAY!) and was examed by a male doctor...the same one who 8 months ago in the same ER had to do a different, yet no less embarassing procedure to diagnose me with colitis.....so yea, modesty, which wasn't a huge issue with me before today (not that i don't dress modestly, but because i have been through so much in the past year medically that everyone has seen everything times 10!) was not an issue today. i hopped up there on the table with the open gown and spread 'em....not a problem for me. til he touched the huge boil...then i thought i would die. literally. basically, he needed to numb the area and draw some fluid to see if I had pus in there....so yes, me, a girl who usually will take pain without complaining (yes, it hurts but i bit my tongue bc i don't like to be a complainer) we laying there on the table, squeezing my husband's hands to death and screaming like crazy. that numbing shot was insane, just insane!

Needless to say, there was definitely infection and pus, so he did what is called an "I&D" ("incision and drainage")...I don't need to explain that do I??? The numbing crap he'd injected wasn't helpful for this........screaming insued again.

So, the wound was then packed and covered (another awkward issue) and I was sent home with a ton of heavy antibiotics and pain meds. Basically, like was said before this whole thing was caused by like an ingrown hair or clogged oil follicle or somethign like that, which then sucked in the infection from the bacteria on my skin. gross. really gross. i'm lucky my husband still touches me!!! well, not right now, he's sort of keeping his distance but, in general, i'm surprised he still finds me sexy after today.

so, here i am, updating my blog, the grossest posting ever....sorry....i did warn you though!! thanks to all for the cheer-you-up messages...funny that i get more postings on the gross postings than the normal ones!! hahaha!!! but really, i love you all! and thank you!! hopefully by this time next week i'll be feeling a lot better!

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Ashley said...

Is it bad that my fave thing in nursing school was to watch dr's drain abcesses? I can't even imagine how painful that was! You are such a trooper! I would demand to be knocked out. For days.