Sunday, September 14, 2008

To be cool again....

***please note, this blog was meant to contemplate the band matchbox 20 in all their you will note, it quickly turned into a "meditation on past coolness vs. present coolness"...nevertheless, enjoy***

yes, daniel and i have come to a conclusion this evening, regarding bands and singers of our generation. we remember slow dancing to a LOT of boy band music, growing up with britney and christina, as well as bands like ace of base (oh my goodness, i had their tape...that's right...CASSETTE TAPE) and attaching our tape players, and later portable CD players to our beltloops to do anything and everything, because that IS what made you cool. That along with abercrombie& fitch clothes (we never wore 'em), scrunchies (now, NOT cool, in case you were wondering - but i had the best neon orange one!!), and YIKES pencils (we both agree we only had these when we found them left in our desk by the student before...this made us cool by accidnet, but slightly cooler nonetheless!

Well, a few bands have made it through those years we remember in which we still feel like we identify with their songs. one of those bands is matchbox 20. tonight we put in their first big cd to listen to while we played rummy (note - this also makes you extremely un-cool...not that is't our priority in life to care anymore...but in case it's yours...playing card games on sunday night is NOT considered cool to the general public!)

as soon as the music came on we were jammin' (yes, jammin' without the "g"...i think using terms like that now makes you cool?!) and singing all the songs, we could remember exactly where we were when we'd sang these songs, heard these songs, our high school and middle school relationships (ok, i had the middle school "relationships", you know, where you just smile at the boyfriend in the hall, maybe once you went on a field trip and got to be his partner for the trip, sat side by side on the bus and didn't know what to say to each other, but on the trip home, much to your classmates' delight, you were holding hands........sweaty hands....maybe you also called each other!<---couldn't make that stuff up if i tried! hahaha!....daniel didn't have these relationships....he says he was too much of a geek...i say those girl didn't see how cool he really was!!) etc etc.

anyway, we've decided, no matter how cool we used to be, how cool matchbox 20 used to be, and how uncool we all are now, matchbox 20 is one band we are proud to claim from our own "super cool" generation!!

their songs are so go load your ipod (having one of these used to make you cool everyone has an gotta get the iphone man! -- man??) with matchbox 20 and remember the days when you were cool....or wished you were....but don't were...i was........wasn't i??

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