Thursday, October 16, 2008

I Adore You!!

Fall!! I adore you!! I really love this time of year. Granted, Halloween is NOT my's not for me. I am sure my feelings will change when we have a baby but right now, it's not my thing. Normally, Dan and I put a bowl of candy outside with a lame note about only taking two pieces or something, then we go out to dinner and shop...or at least window shop. No one ever takes all the candy. But, I do love the season overall, especially from the start of the State Fair and on. I feel an excitement and crispness in the air between now and New Year's Day...everyone is excited and in my opinion, more relaxed. It's not so warm so we aren't so quick to anger (did you know it's been proven that heat makes you quicker to anger??!)...we can keep the windows and screens open so the breeze blows through the house and everything smells fresh!!

So, this weekend we begin what I consider the start of the holiday season. Yeah yeah I know it's not even Halloween, but now is the time Dan and I start a series of traditions that carry through the end of the year. Please, let me have this joy and excitement!

Friday afternoon/evening I'll be getting my winter haircut. You laugh, but I always get my hair cut...really cut, not trimmed, this time of year. It always looks better because of the lack of humidity so this is when I try out new hairstyles...look for a picture coming soon!

Saturday morning we'll be at the Farmer's Market...that place is fantastic. Picking out pumpkins is always fun. Also on our list is some late season fruit and apple butter. All during the fall I eat toast with a smear of apple butter for breakfast at work...I'll use the fruit for some sort of desert for daniel...

....then, it's home to make nachos and watch football with my dad. The windows will be wide open and we'll be able to smell the fall!!

Sunday...the State Fair. We'll get our fill of junk but walk it all off! Honestly, I really just love the exhibits and people watching. Then, that night we may build a fire in our fire pit and just sit on our porch and relax.

So, that's the start of it folks!! The start of the Fall season/holidays in this Clements household. Daniel doesn't like to consider it that but I wear the pants so......I'm right! (ok so I only wear the pants half the time...I'm still right!)

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Rachel said...

Hey thanks for the apt reccomendation! We are seriously considering it, it really helps to know someone who lives there and likes it.