Friday, October 10, 2008

Ice Princess

Ok, well I have been down and out for a couple of days, as my antibiotics from the "incident" a week ago have absolutely torn me up. So, I've been either in the bathroom, or in bed trying to feel better. I don't really sleep through the nights so I just nap when I can....when I feel not pukey enough to sleep. Ok, so point is, I woke up a few hours ago form a little nap and




I had been wrapped up in a comforter and upstairs, I'm rarely cold this time of year, usually warm actually. I went downstairs and found that my lovely, adorable, energectic, fanulous, thoughtful husband remebered how I prefer to be cold, rather than warm when I'm feeling especially sick to my stomach. He remembered I'd rather be covered in a blanket when I'm sick, rather than be hot. So, he set the AC at......................

60 degrees. Yes, folks. 60 degrees.

I wanted to yell at him but, I took the action int he manner he intended. he just wanted me to be sick the way I like to be sick. I guess he just forgot how chilly 60 degrees really is.

He really is perfect :)

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