Saturday, October 11, 2008

I'm not sayinn...I'm just saying

Ok so I've been thinking about a few things during the past few days while Dan and I were not feeling so great. So, i thought i'd post a few of them...sorry in advance if I offend! also, on this blog...i'm saying "screw grammar!"

1) We had to stop by my dad's place this afternoon to get some pain meds for my toothache...wisdom tooth needs to come out but I'm not up for that right now!! Anyway, the UNC game was on so we watched. being a state grade i don't noramlly cheer for ncsu, however anyime any ACC team is playing a team outside of the ACC i always cheer for that ACC today I cheered for UNC. While watching, I heard one of the commentators use the term "hash mark" for the yard markers on the field. now, i know this is common but it remind me of how much i HAT THAT TERM! if i'm not mistaken, isn't hash mark the term for the stuff in guys underwear left after they wear them ?? i know that's gross but honestly, that's what i thought a hash mark was, which makes me never want to hear that term when watching football....

2) I just have to put a shout out on here for my father in law. he is great. he always has the right answers to our questions. yesterday he bought me a church book to read about the story of the BOM's writing and such...not too long. i'm really excited to start reading it and talk with him about what i read. i very much appreciate all he does for daniel and i....we both do. i really enjoy his perspective on so many topics. we don't always agree but he never makes us feel ignorant or stupid for asking the questions we ask. i got a few good answers this weekend to some questions i'd really been pondering so that's what the shout out is for!! (my MIL is awesome too!! look at her blog under "Tabb and Michelle" on the side of mine...she is out of town enjoying SNOW!! the pictures are great!! we're all so jealous!!)

3) we start our running program tomorrow. that's a day early. it's supposed to start on monday, with! my kind of plan!! but, we're starting tomorrow. with the walking/running. it's my goal to be able to run for an hour total by june. while that might seem dumb to some, i've never been a runner. my chest has always been a big embarassment to me bc it's when i would go for a run with my brother i felt like everyone was looking at my chest. well, there's nothing i can do about those suckers...they are big and there and just...well...there like i said. so, all i can do is strap 'em in and start chasing a goal i've had for years: to become a runner. i want to be in shape when we have a baby and i also miss exercising. when i was a fresman in college, i got up at 430 am every morning...yes, that early...and worked out for an hour and a half....30 mins on elliptical, 30 mins on weights, and 30 mins in the sauna to relax my muscles. i wasn't skinny minny. i was actually a size 12. but i was tight and i'm....neither of those things. daniel loves me like i am now better than being all tond but we both acknowledge for our future children's benefits we need to be in better shape. dan's thin to begin with but he hates the tummy he's gotten. so, we start our running training tomorrow...jsut starting slowly with walking.

so, those are three updtes....and ponderings. there are always more but this is long enough already!!

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