Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Missed It!

Ok, so I didn't get to write my little thoughts yesterday and I don't know how much better today will be but i did make a short list...

1) if i bite my tongue one more time this week someone is dying. i'm not sure who. and it's really no one's fault but mine but dang it biting your tongue over and over in the same spot HURTS!!

2) i'm viewed as a crappy friend. i know it. i mean i really do know it. i have always been the sort to forget to call you back, put family plans before our plans, lose touch for months (or years) on end. but, i always love all of my friends. i think i'm just set up like a guy when it comes to friendships. i don't have to see a person all the time to count them as a good friend, a true friend. it's bothering me i'm seen as a bad friend but i'm not sure if this is a part of my personality i can, or want, to change. when i was younger i always gravitated towards friends who needed me - needed problems solved, had bad home lives, etc etc. and i always enjoyed being needed all the time. well, as i got older and realized that DRAMA comes with all that...i decided i couldn't be friends with people that need to be around me all the maybe i've gone too far in the other direction...??

3) i've started stretching at my desk about once an it makes a difference!! it wakes you up and is really wonderful for keeping your back and shoulders from hurting at work!!

4) my husband rocks. really. he does. he knows the cold meds i'm on now make me sleepy right around 9 am (the only med i found that works for my runny nose also causes drowsiness) so today he surprised me and walked down from his work to bring me a diet coke (my's bad guys!!) as a pick me up. he spent our last 1.82 in our checking account til friday to do it and i thought it was super sweet of him......he's the best

so...boring update but i mean, they can't all be stellar...maybe when work slows down this week (riiiight, that will happen) i can get a little deeper!

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