Saturday, November 8, 2008


It's been a bit since I posted...well, not too long but I usually try to post a few times a week. We've had a few things going on with us since I last posted.

A couple weeks ago Dan was laid off from his job. We were disappointed but we're in an ok place for this to happen. It'll be slightly tight this month, but we've gotten by on so much less that we weren't just devastated. Also, Daniel really disliked his boss and was thinking of turning in his notice around Christmas anyway. So, this really just sped things up by a couple months.

Also, the week after Daniel was laid off, he was really sick. Not just a cold or something, but pretty bad off. I haven't seen him that sincerely sick (I say sincerely bc he likes to milk his illensses!! like most men!!) in a year or two. After he started feeling better I wasn't having any of his symptoms, then suddenly. Sunday night I just started feeling miserable. Achey, fever, sore throat, lethargic, runny nose, etc etc. I made it through two days of work but by the time I left Tuesday I thought i was going to melt into the ground. I was out on Wednesday and Thursday and I won't lie, I slept a lot. I felt really strongly like I had the flu....but from what i hear that hasn't been going around yet. So, who knows. I know we both had more than a cold though. The aches and pains, along with those fevers told me that.

Works has been insane the past few weeks but i prefer it that wasy....for the most part. Friday evening we went to Cory's and Nicolas's church basketball games. Raleigh 2 was in the playoffs, won the first game and then won the championship! Raleigh 2 has always had a pretty great team, but this year and last year they've really been awesome! It was so fun to yell and cheer for the boys....especially as most of those boys were in our Webeloes den a few years ago and they've gotten SOOO grown up!!

Then, we ended up chaperoning a Laurels/Preist activity - starlight bowling. My MIL was supposed to do that, as we are actually part of a different Stake, and she works with the Young Women, but she was really tired and Daniel wanted to did Brian who is sort of getting to know one of the Laurels (someone please tell us if they think 17 with a 21 yr old is too much of a gap or not...Dan and I are undecided!!). I really didn't want to go at first because I was soooooooo tired and honestly, was scared all the smoke in the bowling alley would stir up my illness I was still trying to get over.

Well, tanks to Raleigh continuing to become a smoke-free city, you're no longer allowed to smoke in bowling there was no smoke. Dan and i were the only chaperones who actually bowled. We're at such a weird age where those kids think we are super cool, but we don't have muc hin common with them's strange. But, it's nice to be thought of as "cool" by high schoolers I suppose!! Point is, we had a lot of fun!! I made quite a few strikes and spares, as did Brian. Dan made a couple and the girl who is chasing after Brian (and vice versa) made one spare I believe.

We got home around 1 am and I think that's the latest I've been up in weeks, like I said work has been busy so i come home and crash normally.

Today, we got up around 10 and man! Our bodies felt the effects of that bowling. I had about three cramps up and down my right calf. And a headache! Dan is just exhausted! I'm sure those kids wouldn't think we're cool now!

I suppose it's off to do yardwork at my Granny's....then I hope we can just crash and watch Madagascar in prep for Madagascar 2!! I'm sorry for the boring post, but it's our lives and we're ok with it all!!

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