Monday, November 10, 2008


So, being a girl, I'm always craving compliments from my husband (or anyone, so leave some! hahah!) and once about three years ago we were laying in bed together and I rolled over and asked, "What part of my face is your favorite?"

Long pause - he knows better than to give the same one every time.

"Ummmm...I'd have to say your facial hair."


Daniel then went on to describe how the little peach fuzz above my lip and the little sideburn-things I have, where my hair is long right in front of my ears was very nice and cute. I think it should be said that I do NOT have sideburns (or moustache!) in the way he meant. By sideburns he meant that longish piece of hair in front of my ears...yes I've said that twice but I canot reiterate this point enough!! Now, we sometimes joke about my facial hair and how good it's looking or someting like that.

This morning i was in the car and I asked Daniel if I looked alright because I was really tired. He said "You look great!"

"Even my facial hair?" I asked him.

"Your facial hair is majestic today."

Dear gosh, I love that husband of mine! It's ok if you don't think that's ok for him to's why I'm married to him and you :)

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Dan and Amanda said...

HAHAHA! It must be in the name. Dan says stuff like this all the time.