Monday, December 8, 2008


This weekend Daniel and I were feeling under the weather so we slept a lot and watched a lot of TV - and Trading spouses was on a lot. On the show, of course the families are, for the most part, dysfunctional, either too perfect or in complete chaos. While watching one of those episodes I noticed that none of the GROWN kids in the family (we're talking 21, 24, and 27) helped their mother carry in groceries, do dishes, make their beds, etc. It got me thinking...I'm really blessed to have Daniel as a husband. We've been fussing a bit lately. I think mainly because we both don't feel well and money was tight for a few months *not that it's loose now but at least we aren't counting pennies anymore*!!

Anyway, I thought I'd list 10 things about Daniel I'm grateful for...and I'd try to be specific!

1) Daniel always helps me carry in the groceries. Actually, he always carries in the groceries and sometimes I help him. He never complains, he just loads up his arms and carries them all in. Then, he helps me put them away. What a blessing!! I spent my entire childhood helping my mom do dad rarely helped (he's a great guy, just didn't help do this!) so I really feel strongly about this being a wonderful habit of Dan's!

2) He always buys me "sick kits". Whatever ailment I have that month, he buys me a little "kit". It usually includes a magazine or two, whatever meds I need to get better, a Diet Coke, and some sort of new clothing for me to be sick in! He also keeps up with bringing me pillows, food, putting FRIENDS in on repeat, etc etc. Being sick with Dan is always wonderful!

3) Every morning Daniel makes a point to notice something about my appearance or outfit or mood that he likes. I used to think he was making it up, but not anymore! It's nice to hear nice things and start the day like that!

4) Daniel is so smart. I'm very lucky to be married to such an intelligent man. I don't think much description needs to go in here...we can hold great conversations, talk about basically any topic, and yet he never makes me feel dumb!!

5) Never once has Dan criticized me for my questions regarding our religion and my faith. He could make me feel dumb. Sometime other people do. Or the scoff at me and assume I must not believe...he understands that I just like to have as much knowledge about anything as I can.

6) He loves to eat! This might seem silly but I could never be with a guy who doesn't love food. Our families both bond over meals so, this was essential! Plus, he'll try anything I cook once...and he'll try new recipes too! We both enjoy cooking to food haters!

7) Daniel isn't shy about singing or dancing! I love that he is so uninhibited around me...that side has come out in me thanks to him! It's really fun to dance like crazy in the car and not care what the stranger in the next car's also fun to watch them watch you!

8) Daniel isn't the kind of guy who "prefers long hair" or "prefers blondes" and such...he never says I should grow my hair out, or lose weight or anything. He just loves me. He loves me being happy with myself.

9) On that notes, Dan HATES to hear me say anything negative about myself. He actually gets upset about it. My self-esteem has grown non-stop since i started a relationship with Daniel!

10) He know who he is, what he believes, how he feels, etc etc and doesn't change for anyone...even me. I love it!!

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Ana said...

HELLO Blog stalker! What's funny is that I've read your blog a few times and the first time I came across it, I was surprised to see Chad and Ginnie Shorter on your list... I used to live in Richmond and I know the Leake's... small world huh? Thanks for dropping by and saying hi! I love your family... especially your Mother in Law! :)