Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas!!!

Now, I have lots of updates but just truly don't feel up to making them. Per holiday tradition, I'm sick. I developed pinkeye over the weekend...nasty!! I was feeling a little better until Christmas Eve night. Christmas day itself was wonderful. Dan and I had a little fuss but we were both REALLY tired!! Once we took a nap things were quickly cleared up...and then i was able to fully embrace my being sick!!

A few days ago we got our car back...which was mentioned in the last blog. $1050 later. *sigh* BUT! in all honesty, we had a great holiday and were so happy to be able to celebrate the Savior's birth with both of our families!! We are lucky to live so close to both families!! Now, we're looking forward to feeling better and spending the next week and a half with our families and friends, just relaxing and having fun!!!

I have a wonderful story to share when I'm feeling up to it....but between my current stomach ailments and inability to breathe properly, I'm going to go ahead and get back to my stack of pillows and pray that tomorrow we can return to our normal routine.

Oh. and also, I'm well aware my blog includes no pictures....I wish it did. After seeing the camera Santa brought my mother in law, I am insanely coveting a digital camera...I might get one for Daniel for his birthday in a couple weeks....then I can use it!! :)

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