Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Our Poor Baby....

Our car is sick!! To make a long story short, Friday night our car died on us. We bought it last year. It's not new but it had all new parts...so essentially it was like new, except for the frame! We had it checked out and it was awesome!

Well, as we speak it's sitting at a mechanic's garage with the following problems:

Crushed Radiator suppor
Bent Engine Supports
Broken radiator
Broken AC (clearly, since the radiator is broken)
Broken Water Pump
Broken Timing Belt

poor car. now please don't lecture us about having an emergency fund set up for this sort of thing...we did. It got depleted by all my medical bills and being out of work this year.

So, we'll be paying for this ourselves.


I still feel blessed!! We are going to be allowed to make payments on the repairs, rather than paying up front like normal, Dan and I are safe after what happened to the car, and we have family who is loaning us their car (at least for a short time).

So, it's still looking to be a fabulous holiday season, with just a little stumbling block.

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