Friday, January 23, 2009

Bedroom Re-do

Ok, so I have a HUGE problem when it comes to wanting to change up and decorate our apartment. We've been married almost 4 years and I've been really patient with what I want to do to decorate our bedroom and living room. Well, now that my aunt is moving back to Raleigh in June and we are getting her gorgeous sofa....and Dan promised me he'd help me paint, it's finally my chance to decorate the way I've wanted. I've spent a while picking things out and I believe I have things figured the way, if you're wondering if Dan will be ok with long as blue is the predominant color in the rooms...he's ok with anything!!

Here is what I'd like to do with our bedroom (yes, our bedroom is big enough to hold large patterns well):

I want to paint the walls this color, and keep the white trim.

I may use this print for pillow shams (just 2) - It's a heavy print but the room is HUGE and the rest of the patters are mellow.

I plan to use this color for the curtains. They'll be fairly long, as the windows are big, but the print is toned down enough, I think it'll flow well. Also, the bed and curtains are across the room from one another, which will help.

I always just buy plain white or cream sheets, so I plan to stick with solid navy blankets and Cream/White and navy pillow cases.

I don't think I'm going to even go near the idea of replacing the furniture in our bedroom right now. It's old and a little worn, but I think I can re-do our bedroom for less than $100 with the changes I want to make needs to push this up a few hundred dollars more!!

***SO this is where YOU tell me what you think...any other ideas? better fabrics or patterns? honesty is essential here, folks :)!***


adorich said...

I don't know where you will get your fabric but when I do stuff I like these two websites... Sometimes they a cheaper -- sometimes it is just better to go to the store. check out the fabric cellar on the bottom left

dominique said...

Haha, I have a confession too. I stalk your blog! I went to SHS too and I remember you and your brother. Thanks for the encouragement :)