Friday, January 9, 2009

Been a while...

....since i woke up in the middle of the night to throw up!! but around 1 am...there i was doing just that. i was up until about 4 with the same problem, then called in sick and crashed. around 9 i woke up and just laid there with the worst headache...every time i moved i felt like i was going to throw up again. that's pretty much been all day.

this weekend my FIL surprised my MIL with a beach trip for their 30th anniversary so we are babysitting...i really don't think this is anything but some food fact i'm sure i know the culprit! so i doubt this will spread to the kids.

speaking of looks to be a fairly easy weekend...a little bit of teenage hormones from one, another one camping, and the girls behaving great right now. despite not feeling good at all i went ahead and gave them baths/showers when they got home from school and did melissa's hair. i dried it then went back and flat ironed it for her bc i know she likes it that way. i'm glad i thought ahead and did that early; bedtime will be easier as there will be no excuses for them to stay up a little later, and tomorrow morning we can just get on our way with our's hoping this nausea/random vomiting will pass and i will feel better soon!!

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