Saturday, January 31, 2009


This past week Daniel and I have experienced an abundance of blessings. I used to be...and let's face it, can still be...the kind of person who freaks out when things go badly. It's not that I haven't dealt with difficult things in my life, I just prefer my life plan and have a difficult time accepting His life plan for Daniel and myself (yes, I used the capital "H", as in the Lord). So this evening I just finished my paper and Daniel is napping so I thought it'd be the perfect time to share a few blessings we've experienced this past week, when things didn't go according to plan (just 3 of them, I promise, even though I could go on and on!)

1) You'll recall that around the holidays our car died. It cost us $1000 to repair, which luckily, our mechanic let us pay off in chunks (we're still paying!). Well, a few days after we got it back around Christmas someone hit our car's bumper, ripping it and the tail light off, and drove off, leaving the bumper in the middle of our parking lot. Don't even GET me started on that! So, the last thing we needed is another car issue. But we got it this past Thursday night. Long story short, we basically figured out the problem was the alternator. $180 for us to replace ourselves. Ok, that's not so great because until this middle of this month our budget doesn't have much breathing room! But, I figured we'd figure it all out together.

BLESSING: Today we looked at the car with my brother - the problem was a broken connector to the battery.

Cost us $5.54 to fix....AMAZING!!!!

2) My job isn't what I planned when I was going to college. I went to college to teach high school English. Too bad it's near impossible to get a job doing that in Wake County (yes, I have to stay here right now...another series of long stories). So, I took a job at NCSU as an Admissions Evaluator. I knew I'd enjoy the job because it's education related and I truly love going to work...and I love the fact that my work stays at work!!

BLESSING: I never expected to have such kind and generous co-workers. FOUR, yes, FOUR of my co-workers offered to give me rides to and from work while my car was messed up and another jumped my car one day this week. YAY!

3) Walter was supposed to come look at our car Thursday night. He never showed. Friday night he was tired and sounded down - I said come over Friday. Again, not the plan (seeing the trend??). Today he came to look at our car and not only found the problem (which I love him for!) but brought his girlfriend's dog (I think she's kinda his girlfriend?) that he is watching over as well. I knew this would be a disaster because he'd already told me the dog had chewed up his Florida Bear (*compare this to your baby blanket or favorite childhood possession) and ruined his mattress. Plus, we aren't dog people. For the most part, they are stinky and drool-y and way too hyper.

BLESSING: This dog was a constant source of fun, comfort, and joy today! Daniel and I both spent time laying down in a bear hug with this dog - her arms around our necks and each of us (separately) snuggling our faces in her neck. It was so wonderful to watch Daniel take care of her.

Take some time this week to consider your blessings, rather than what didn't go quite the way you expected. Appreciate the bigger picture!!

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