Tuesday, June 16, 2009


So...It's been forever but if you heard about how life's been lately, you'd forgive me!

Today I had an allergy test that lasted HOURS!! Yes, hours! I had 69 skin pricks and 6 under-the-skin needle pokes (like TB tests) which equals 75 holes in my skin today!!! And I had to pay for it! thank goodness Daniel was with me. At first, I assumed I'd have like 5 pokes. As the nurse began drawing dots down my arm to note where my tests would occur, and she just kept making dots down both arms, we realized this test was going to be more than expected. then, the nurse just kept stabbing me with these plastic pokers to break the skin and push stuff in there to see if I'd react negatively. I reacted almost as soon as she pushed some of that stuff in there and it was just SOO itchy and painful!! Daniel went from laughing at me to this look of shock then horror and it was just a miserable time.

We took some photos but they don't do justice to my allergic reactions. One line of my arm puffed up so badly it looked like some sort of alien-esque creature just taking up roots under there. So, check out the pics but know things were about 100 times worse (I'm so disappointed in how the true nature of my swelling didn't come out!!):

Anyway, turns out I'm allergic to ALL grass, a little of trees, seriously allergic to ragweed...like more than normal, and also allergic to mold. I have the slightest allergy to cats but since we have been planning to adopt out Wall - E anyway, we decided to give away Izzy as well, then we'd be back down to our normal two cats. I can certainly be around cats, I just need to not like get them all in my face and such.
I have allergy meds, nasal spray, saline spray,

advair, and a nasal rinse. I'm such a nerd now.

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Dan and Amanda said...

That is insane. I'm sorry... but, on the other hand at least they are figuring out what is going on with you.