Monday, July 27, 2009

How It Began...

****This blog was written last Wednesday, but just posted today so please excuse the dates and such!!***

We thought it'd be nice to give you the big, "how we found out" story, although it's nothing crazy like getting to 5 months or delivering before you find out!!

During the last full week of June I remember feeling fairly ill. I had cramps and was extremely moody. Within hours of saying, "I don't feel well," I'd spiked a fever of 101.9 and was in the bathroom so much I had Daniel set up a table in there for me to rest my head on. Four days later, things began to clear up, but I continued to see my temperature be about a degree higher than normal. Also, my taste for any food at all was gone. I was barely eating at all during the day and had several recurrences of being very sick to my stomach. By July 6, almost two weeks later I said, "Um, I haven't seen my period...maybe it's a week or so late." Daniel agreed.

Two days later, on July 8, I was out of work sick with the "stomach flu" again. At that point I told Daniel that my period is never late and I'd been feeling really "weird." We went out and got a two-pack HPT. Being thrifty like we are (or try to be most of the time), we got the cheapest they had.

I took the first test and saw the plus. I can't even recall the thoughts that went through my head. I just walked out of the bathroom and plopped down on the sofa. Daniel looked over, "Well?"

"Well, we're pregnant."

And then the longest silence EVER KNOWN TO MAN!!! Then I started crying. Talk about feeling overwhelmed!!!! I know Daniel felt the same way but he was pretty good about it. I then took another rest and got another plus.

Later that night we got to thinking..."That line making the plus was so faint. Maybe we aren't pregnant." That worry pretty much plagued me for 6 days until Daniel gave in and got me two more tests....those lines were NOT faint and by then, with four positive tests, we knew this was a sure thing!!

Skip forward a week to Thursday, July 16 and I'm giving blood samples (yet not peeing in the cup because I missed TWICE!! Who does that??!) we're sitting in the prenatal nurse's office learning about the appropriate diet for me to follow, getting vitamins, and going through a mountain of pamplets about various tests and procedures we may opt for down the road.

But the highlight for us was learning the due date: March 10, 2010.

This week we have an appointment that should confirm (or change) our due date and give us our first little picture of the little one. It won't be impressive, as he/she is only about 7 weeks old (if the math is correct...we all know how my math is!) but we'll still share!


Ashley said...

I found out when I was getting a blood test to make sure that my d&c had worked after my 4th miscarriage. My infertility dr's nurse called me and said, "DID YOU HAVE SEX?!?!?!?!" I texted Brandon and said, "Ummm yeah you knocked me up again."

I am so excited for you guys! I loved being pregnant so much. There is nothing better than the way your husband looks at you when your belly is all huge or feeling your baby move around. Congratulations! Here's to a healthy, non-complicated nine months!!! said...

Daniel and Robin...We are so happy for you as you begin your next journey in this life. The best is yet to be! I guess you forgot that I asked you to check with me first and ask if I was ready to be a Great Grandma..It's ok...we can't wait! :-) Daniel's job is to spoil his wife now. Whatever her heart desires.This is such a special time for the two of you. We love you both!
Grandma and Grandpa in Nevada