Tuesday, July 21, 2009

It's Time...

Well...you all can finally meet our newest houseguest, Mr. Wall E. Stud!! I'll make a long story short and let you know how he ended up with us.

In March, we heard this pitiful crying. All the time. Finally, we realized it was kitten "meowing." The poor thing went for two days until we decided to cut open the wall and save him. And when we did (my brother brought over his electric saw and he and Daniel GLADLY went to work) the sweetest looking littel thing popped his head up and He has been attached to our sides ever since. The name choice should be obvious. And he surely is a little stud!

Anyway, now that he's about four months old, and he's developing some new "body parts." Parts that he gloriously tries to display in the photo above, and basically any other chance he gets. So, in the next couple of weeks Wall E. is getting his shots and vaccines and getting fixed. Then, he'll be moving down to Georgia with my Dad. We have three cats already and with some other things coming up soon...we're already having to go down to being a two-cat household so Wall E. just cannot stay.

Of course, it's hard to tell him that. Or ourselves, especially when he's curled up around us at night just like the little one he really is!!

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