Saturday, August 1, 2009

Perfect Day!

**Sorry in advance for no pictures...we plan to start with some this week!***

I just have to brag because Daniel and I have had the perfect day!! For about two weeks I've felt pretty rough with morning sickness. Two weeks ago it wasn't so bad, just occurring in the evenings. But, over the past two weeks, each day it seemed the nausea worsened until it was literally 24 hours a day...and miserable!! BUT, Friday morning I woke up feeling very energized despite a lack of sleep. I found out Friday that I can take Zantac to control my heartburn, which was also irritating me greatly, along with the morning sickness...what a relief!!!!! :)

This morning I woke up feeling great! Although the weather was extremely humid, to the point where you feel damp all over when you go outside, we went to the flea market and ended up buying my dad a gift. Then, we skipped to the farmer's market and found PLENTY of wonderful things! Peaches, fresh honey, cantaloupe, 12 layer homemade chocolate cake (just two pieces because I'm having trouble stomaching sweets like that!!), 2% milk from free range cows (pastuerized, no worries!!) and jalepeno sausage made from free range pigs. That sausage is for Dan...I can't handle that right now!! We're really excited to have found all of this for less than $30...and I'm ready to dig into that fresh fruit! Next week I'm heading out there for peas and corn because it just sounds YUM!!

THEN, we stopped by my aunt's house and visited with her, and then headed to Lynwood Grill for lunch. By that time, I hadn't eaten anything in about 4 hours and was feeling a little sick. Daniel asked the waitress for crackers and she rushed them out before our food came...they perked me up and we were really able to enjoy our lunch. Daniel got some hot turkey sandwich and I got a calzone (I am eating one bad for me thing a week to keep my weight down during this pregnancy...and cheese has also really helped settle my stomach lately!). We each only ate half but agreed it was some of the best food in Raleigh. We're planning to head back soon!! I'm particularly excited because with the option to get any of the sandwiches hot, I can eat sandwiches with lunch meat on them (cold lunch meat is a no-no unless it's been heated at some point!) at that restaurant!!

Our final stop was to Goodwill where we found a scale for me to keep track of pregnancy weight, a baby - 5 years book to help me know what to expect, a baking dish for me to make my homemade mac and cheese this week (mine keep disappearing!!), and a book on tape for Daniel. Very useful trip!!

I'm now officially spent and am taking it easy for the night, just running laundry while Daniel takes care of my ever whim! You may laugh, but I mean it....for over two weeks he's been taking over on EVERYTHING for me so I can just take care of me. He is such a blessing in my life!!! He's now out buying a new church shirt....and getting a funny movie from Blockbuster for me.

How lucky am I??? What a great day!!!

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