Saturday, August 15, 2009

We're Sorry!!

A big sorry for the lack of posts this week...I know everyone wants baby news...but Daniel and I have been really sick this week! I mean, so sick I missed work all week!! The one time I got out of the bed and left the house was to grab a quick dinner because by that point Daniel was sick as well and neither of us had the energy to make dinner - but we are seriously lacking items to make easy dinners like sandwiches or cereal (I need to go grocery shopping!). We went to K&S up the street and bumped into two of my co-workers. Apparently, I looked so sick one of them didn't even recognize me. I said hi...told them not to get too close...and we left soon after because I was done with dinner (or what I could stomach of it). I felt guilty having been out to eat but not at work but that quickly wore off the next morning when I was trying to get ready, hoping I had enough energy and just burst into tears because I still felt so bad.

Now, it's Saturday and we're trying to get ourselves going enough to clean the downstairs of our house. It would take about two hours....but be so nice when it was done. I just don't know that either of us is up to it yet.

To make it worse...I have a meeting Monday morning that I can't miss and an appointment with the OB Thursday afternoon at I'll be missing a bit more work this week (about two and a half hours total). It makes me feel so crappy about myself to miss a lot of work but family keeps reminding me that I need to take care of me right now. SO, I'm not going to skip my appointments this week (normally, I'd cancel them so I didn't miss work) but I WILL go to work a little early and work through half of my lunches a couple days to make sure that I make up that time I miss in my appointments.

If you can't tell I always super stress about missing work!! I also didn't realize how nice it is to NOT be sick with some germ...which I haven't been for about two or three months (a record for me!!) until this week! I want that back!!

PS- If you're worried about the baby, there is no need!! I spoke with my OB this week while I was feeling so bad to find out if there was any harm to the baby and she said that the reason it's taking me so long to get over the bug is because my body is using all it's energy to protect the baby. Unless my temperature was over 102 for an extended period of time...then no risk!! So, mom and dad are drained and blah but baby is doing great!!

I'll post a little about changes we've noticed and such later...but now it's time to get a snack and consider that cleaning once again!

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