Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Little One....

One more update, but on a different note:

The little one is growing much faster now! I'm at 17 1/2 weeks and sometimes when I lay very still at night I wonder if the pang I feel in my low belly is kicking..but I'm not sure enough to make it official!

Daniel and I learn the sex of the baby in two weeks. We would like to gather our family together in one place that night to make the announcement - THEN we will post it officially.

The heartbeat has varied from 156 to 163 back to 156 as of today when they surprised me by checking the heartbeat when I was just there to pick up paperwork! Everyone is speculating what we will have - but we want a healthy lovely baby. The details will come together as they will.

The only issue I'm having besides the typical is something called pubic symphysis or something like that. Basically, I have extremely intense pain around the pubic bone and the ligaments in that area. The OB said we'll keep an eye on it and that this happens in 3% of pregnancies. I guess since I didn't have bad morning sickness I get this. I have pain when moving, walking, using stairs, trying to sit up or move in bed. BUT the best position to not feel pain is sitting upright. Which is perfect bc at my job I sit upright all day!!!

I've only had two times where I couldn't walk at we will keep an eye on that but thus far, I'm encouraged to continue to stretch (I had been) despite the pain and consider something in the pool as well. I try to avoid any Tylenol or anything. Also, this may not get any worse which is great news!

It's basically caused by my body releasing too much of the hormone relaxin (one guess what relaxin does!) too soon (normally it's released in such high amounts near the end of pregnancy).
Everything is just softening up and shifting a little early. Daniel and I aren't worried about this right now.

Ok, so! Those are the baby updates for now! Enjoy!!

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Dan and Amanda said...

YAY! With a heartbeat that fast I think you are having a girl... :) Anyhow, I am so glad you are doing better and I can't wait to see pictures of your baby! Hang in there you are almost half way there. :)