Wednesday, September 30, 2009

We have the BEST!!!

OK, so now that we are H1N1, bronchitis, and depression's a little post on how blessed I've felt lately!

My family and husband are fantastic!!! I've been out of commission for almost 8 weeks and throughout everything, I continued to marvel on how blessed Daniel and I are! During my depression, which got deeper before it got better, Daniel was fantastic - never making me feel badly for these feelings I couldn't control. My family was great in that they didn't pressure me to do all sorts of things and just understood I was going through a hard time.

THEN, when we both got the flu...yes, the H1N1...ick!!...our families came through even more! Dan's family dropped off food and drinks! Mom dropped off jello and pudding! Granny sent Brunswick stew and barbecue, kn owing those were (and still are) what I definitely crave! And despite being quite sick himself, Daniel sucked it up and took care of me once the H1N1 brought on a nasty bout with bronchitis!

Everyone waited til the right times of day to call so we could rest and were so understanding! I'm sure it was hard as the new baby/grandchild is still growing away...but everything everyone did for us was AMAZING! We are blessed!

We apologize if people felt shut out in the last 7 weeks or so...NOT our intention!! But none of you guys would want to get what we had and since I wasn't even getting dressed when my depression was at it's worst...believe me, you should be grateful you weren't there!

THEN, when I thought I couldn't feel more blessed, I got cleared to return to work today, Daniel agreed I needed a haircut (it was a bushy hot frizzy mess). He didn't say I looked bad but we both knew my hair wasn't looking my best. At 17 weeks I'm feeling fat and ugly since I haven't popped I just look a bit blobby. The haircut is fantastic. I will add a picture of it later!!

THEN, yes, another then! Dan took me to get my nails done! What a treat! So, now I look and feel a lot better on my return to work. Dan is so SO amazing!

So, one last time, thanks to everyone who was there for us in any regard, even if it was thoughts and prayers in the past little while - we appreciate everything and have never felt so loved. We appreciate the patience, help with groceries when we were to weak to move, we appreciate your standing back and not letting us infect you bc we would've felt even worse about that!!

Thanks to everyone!!

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