Saturday, October 10, 2009

Almost here!

Ok guys, Daniel and I were looking over our schedule for the next week...and we realized we have a really BIG event coming up this week! It's not like we forgot, but we get so busy during the week we try not to focus on the next week!

Anyway, we are just 6 days away from learning the sex of our baby and getting a new picture of him or her!!! We've held off on countdowns about that so that maybe time would go faster, but now that it's this week, we are both REALLY excited! Once we've told our family, expect a blog update with the info!

On another note, this week Dan had a job interview for pretty much his ideal job. I don't know how to explain it because I'm not too up on video games but, it's regarding games and some sort of lounge and such. There is room to grow in this position and he loved the owner so...we are also 6 days away from knowing if he got the job. Yep, we find out about the job the same day as the no matter what, we get great news and it'll be a great day!!

Now, Daniel and I have a day of scary movies, a little cleaning, and cuddling planned - plus dinner with my aunt. So, I'm off!

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Katie H said...

Yay - good luck & yay on both counts! :)