Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Name!!

Ok, we've told the grandparents the name we've chosen, who will spread the news to other relatives. So, here is the name of our little girl:

Abigail Daisy Clements

Daisy has a bit of a family past, but we also really liked the idea of something that is currently popular with an old fashioned name. Plus the name "Abigail" means "my father's joy" meaning my earthly father's joy. This baby is surely that. Daniel is in love with her already! Abigail is pretty popular right now, which isn't why we picked it - we just love the name. Daniel says he'll only call her Abigail because his dad only ever called him Daniel, not Dan and he loves that special bond/situation. I will probably alternate between that and Abbie for short. I already tell/ask her things like, "Abbie, why are you doing this to Mommy?" when she starts stretching really hard or when she is just pushing constantly on my bladder!or "Abbie, what do you think?" when I can't decide if I want to move or what I want to eat.

Anyway,  there you have it! We can't wait to see what your Abigail looks like!!


Dan and Amanda said...

Abigail is a pretty name and on our "list" on names too. I love the name Abigail Daisy. She will be beautiful. I can't wait to see her. Family names are always good. We did it too. :)

Ana said...

Yeah for girls! It's always funny b/c I get a sneak preview of what's going on on your MIL's blog... she was thinking girl names a few days before you posted. How is your pain? Feeling better down there? I'm ok most days, but sometimes I still have that really painful pelvic pain. My OB is the Kamm Mckenzie Smith Bass Sacks etc etc. I really like them.. They got us pregnant the first time and we got to know each other pretty well when I was in the hospital all that time waiting on the boys. Have you felt Abigail moving yet? Not to start a book here on the comment section of your blog, but I was kind of worried this week b/c I hadn't felt the baby move much, but then just today (after I had gone to the store to get a fetal monitor.. luckily they had none) I felt shim moving around... either that or it's some pleasant gas. ;)

Ana said...

P.S. I can't believe that you are friends with that slacker Amanda... don't you know she regularly calls people jerks?
I hope she has subscribed to these comments.