Saturday, October 24, 2009

We haven't forgotten....

...about the baby pictures! But we need to get new ink in our printer! Why do we need ink to scan, you may ask? Well, beats me! But apparently our printer will not scan if we are out of ink, despite ink not being a part of the scanning process. We are going either this evening or Monday during the day to have the ink refilled at Cartridge World. It's half the cost of buying a new cartridge. So, by Monday evening we should have pictures up!!

On another note, while I'm not yet feeling actual movement, like the flutters people said I'd feel, I am feeling her pushing on my uterus/bladder. Her head is pointing straight down, pressing on my bladder - perfect delivery position, only 4 months early! When I stand, and even sometimes when I sit, I can feel our baby girl just PUSHING and STRETCHING to get out already! Right at the lowest point of my abdomen. She is Daniel's girl for sure! Anything to make things weirder for mom - that's Daniel's style, and apparently our little girl too!

One little other tidbit I KNOW you will all want to know - we've successfully decided on a name! Well, Daniel has. I let him choose the name. We'd picked a few that he was going to pick the final name from, and then we were clueless about the middle name! Well, we've decided!! We are 200% sure!! But again, you'll have to wait! We want to tell our parents and grandmothers first! THEN, put it on here!

I better be running - today I've already taken Daniel to work, cleaned the living room and kitchen, met with the missionaries (outside while I was cleaning the carpet cleaner), cleaned our living room carpets, and I'm off to pick up Daniel. Then I'm done. Mom is coming by to make me dinner (tuna and macaroni & cheese casserole -YUM!) and I'll finish writing up her disability documents. Since Daniel is working tomorrow, I'll give you one guess as to what tomorrow holds for me.

If you guessed resting, you're the lucky winner!!

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