Monday, November 23, 2009

Did I...

ever mention that Daniel got the job he interviewed for a while ago??? I'm so forgetful lately that there's a huge chance I didn't say anything and it's definitely awesome he got a job he loves so much!! Go to to learn more about where he's his heaven for sure!!

On another note (quickly! I've been putting in overtime hours and I'm exhausted!!), Abigail is moving non-stop!! I mean MOVING. I'd gotten worried over last week because she didn't seem to be moving as much (it's not regular movement yet)...but starting yesterday...this girl is kicking and punching up a storm!! I love it...and not so much love it at the same time.

Ok, off to eat some egg noodles for dinner (I swear I eat way more than this! I've already had a peanut butter and apple butter (?!) sandwich and pretzels since I got off work at 5 pm then catch House and crash!! I'll update with pictures soon!!

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