Wednesday, November 4, 2009

She's Growing!!!

Ok, so you may've noticed we STILL haven't scanned in our ultrasound photos. If you read our last blog you know why - we need ink. We've been too busy to get it! Soon though! Til then, perhaps you can be tided over with a belly shot/short picture story.

Ok, here goes:

Because I look like this:

I always feel like this:

So basically, in case the pictures didn't explain, because I'm already so huge for 22 weeks pregnant, I'm always tired! We normally go to sleep at 8 pm. I am up and down all night so 8 pm bedtime ensures we get enough sleep. Daniel is so so sweet because he ALWAYS gets up with me...and Daniel LOVES his sleep.

Also, please excuse how disgusting I look in the picture above with my belly. My arm is clear evidence I already have relief society arms. My back end has changed sizes multiple time per month during this pregnancy and just sticks out there like whoa! My chest - well I'm up two bra sizes but haven't been able to bring myself to spend the money it'll take to buy two new bras! AND the mess behind me makes our house look messy. That's where I put our folded laundry to go upstairs. And on the right is our computer and Dan's little haven.

Seriously, look at that picture and see how huge that belly is. From behind you can't even tell I'm pregnant. All my back fat (we all have it ladies!) shifted to the front for whatever reason....AHHHHH! Can you tell I honestly, HONESTLY didn't realize I'd get this big. And I"m only at 5 yeah...I'm gonna get bigger!

On a happier note! A message to our Abigail:
We love you Abigail! Mommy loves to feel you squirm around and she looks forward to your daily "Hey, I'm here" punch. But, Mommy would like you to stop using her sciatic nerve as a cushion if possible, sweet one! And Daddy, well he is insane about you. He already has tons of plans about how the two of you are going to bond...particularly over video games. You two are going to have the greatest relationship. We both love you so much and can't wait to see you in just 4 months!!


Dan and Amanda said...

ROBIN! You look like you are suppossed too! Beautiful! Seriouslly, you look great you may just have a big baby. Who knows. Hang in there and enjoy it. Seriouslly she will be here before you know it. We love you!

Daniel and Robin said...

Amanda - I thought she might be big too but they said in the ultrasound she's right on schedule and average for her "age"!! I guess I'm just gonna carry her right out there for everyone to see!! I'm sure the extra padding I had on my tummy before is helping things look bigger too! Love you too!

Ashley said...

What a beautiful belly!!! I carried Max all in front and people were always commenting on how HUGE I looked. He always measured on time and was still only 7 lbs 13 oz despite being 9 days late. All of the fat on my stomach stayed around my belly button like a donut, so even though I was huge it never poked out. I also waited to get new bras...I had to get nursing ones anyways, so I just stuck it out and dealt with the "overflow". Next time, I'm just going to stick with the nursing bras that are more like sports bras until my milk comes in so I can get a better fit. I either had torpedo boob or floppy boob. I am so excited for you!!! I'm glad you can feel her move, too!