Monday, November 30, 2009


Newest cravings:

-pretzels (any kind, style, flavor, etc.)

-white grape juice

-sunkist soda

-cream cheese (this isn't new but continues to intensify) which I generally put on a bagel or cracker

-almond joy

And with these cravings you all would be proud to know that I use enough restraint to only ask Daniel to pick up one of these items for me if he is already out on an errand...I do not send him out just for one of these items (despite what he might say!!!).

Even more - I've still not gained a pound during this pregnancy. As far as my scale tells me - which is on point with the doctor's scale - I'm still down about 7-8 pounds. Gaining even those 7 - 8 pounds back would leave me at gaining 0 during the pregnancy. I'm not trying to diet. I'm eating, I swear. Not including Thanksgiving though, most people who've seen me eat would tell you I'm not eating as much as I used to. I still clean Dan's plate for him if we eat out. I'm not sure why that is - I feel full faster but eat more little meals. I nibble through the day. Who knows what's going on. As long as tests, ultrasounds, measurements, etc continue to be positive then I'm not going to worry!!

PS- Thanksgiving update to come SOON - just don't feel like doing it right now!

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