Monday, December 7, 2009

26 - 27 Weeks

I hate that our blog has essentially turned into a bunch of pregnancy updates. And in my next post (in the next day or two) I promised to rememdy that with a HILARIOUS story regarding my Granny's 81st birthday party (I thought it was 80th..oops!)

Until then, here are brief updates and a photo of the bump (more like the blimp):

- In just the past week my energy level has dropped considerably. For a few months I enjoyed not being so tired when I got up for work, a lot of weekend activities, etc. But, not anymore! Sunday I couldn't move from bed until noon...I literally couldn't open my eyes. I then got back in bed at 3 pm and minus being up for an hour to eat dinner...bed is where I stayed. I've been used to getting up by 9 on the weekends and just going and going without being tired. I'll need to change how I get things done just so I can get it all done (with Dan's help of course!)

- Food is still eh with me. I can smell one thing and have it turn my stomach completely. I'm still loving my carbs, anything cheesey, and almond joys (really any sweet cake or cookie will do!). Interested to find out if I've gained any weight at my appt. Wednesday of this week. Unless I've gained 7 or 8 pounds in the past week...even if I've gained anything I'm still minus on the weight gain scale.

- Baby Abigail is growing at a super rapid rate (at least I feel like it because I'm growing fast!) Each week I put on a shirt that fit the week before, that no longer fits without exposing my belly...even my tank top trick isn't helping some of the shirts. Looks like it's now time for maternity clothes shopping.

- I now join Daniel in enjoying a middle of the night snack + milk. Generally, we are up at different times but I've never had this habit until now. I'm enjoying it...and hating it. Sleep is hard and eating when I should be sleeping doesn't help.

-Speaking of's sort of impossible. I usually sleep for an hour or so, then pee. Then repeat. And when I get up to pee I then need to read for 15 or 20 mins just to get back to sleep. Probably one of the reasons I feel so much more tired lately.

Now, here is the promised picture. My face is eh in the photo but I didn't feel like posing for a lot and we were in a hurry to get to our destination this past Saturday evening. Enjoy the hugeness that I've become.

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