Sunday, December 20, 2009


Most of you already know we have 3 (well 4, one lies with my mom) cats. We have a full house. Joe and Mitsu (a tortie and a ragdoll) are laid back and sort of stay out of the way. They can always be found sleeping in a pile of laundry or looking out the front or back windows. Sometimes they will cuddle with us, but they are truly independent cats. Then there is Wall E (you've seen his picture on here before)...our wall cat. He has abandonment issues and for the most part, has to be in the same room as one of us (preferably Daniel) at all times. Who could blame the little (BIG) guy after his scary start into the world (being left in the wall of our apartment by his mommy!!)?!

Well, looks like some cats that we feed outside got a good look at what life is like in our home and decided they want to move in. Now, we have at least one, if not all three of those sweet OUTSIDE cats somehow up in the space between our first and second floors again. They fight up there. They cry from up there. They get near our heating ducts and bang around. Of course, our cats go crazy.

I told Daniel that if we end up rescuing one of these cats, or more, we CAN NOT KEEP IT/THEM!!! I told him that not because he'll want to keep it. I will. I can't say no to cats. I just cant.

Anyway, enjoy the photo below; it's two of the three culprit cats we know are somehow sneaking up into that space between the floors and of course, coming back down when we put food outside!! SO CUTE!!

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jenny said...

i love cats and especially ragdolls. good on you guys for taking care of them.