Thursday, December 31, 2009

Pregnancy Poll

Due to a recent bad reaction to food (turns out I'm allergic to shellfish) and just being pregnant, AND Daniel working tomorrow, we are staying in tonight. So, I'm throwing out a survey here and will probably end up doing more!

If you haven't already, Are you going to find out if it's a boy or a girl? 
-We already did. And I can't imagine not finding out. I'm just too much of a planner.

Are you telling people your due date? 

-Of course...don't want any surprises for them!!

Do you talk to your belly? 

-Not too kinda creeps me out. Sometimes we do but not often.

Have you experienced 'pregnancy brain'? 

-YES!! It's so bad. I'm not super great at remembering things to begin with but now...there's no hope for me!

How do you relax?

-reading puts me right to sleep and hot showers really help too. i also get a nightly foot rub from Daniel!

How much weight have you gained? (I know, very personal, but hey we are all gaining LOL) 

-just 4 pounds...and I'm at 30 weeks so I'm pretty pleased with that!

What was your first pregnancy symptom? 

-I didn't notice it as a pregnancy symptom at the time but I was extremely sick to my stomach for about 3 or 4 days (couldn't leave the bathroom people! Daniel had set up a table in there for me it was so bad!!)...we thought I had a bug. Also, despite being so sick, my skin was literally glowing. I thought it was new face lotion I was using.

Who don't you want at your birth? 

-There is one OB in the practice I'd rather not touch me...although it may happen if he's on call that night! Other than that, anyone that wants can be in the waiting room...Daniel can be in delivery with me. If Daniel (for some insane reason) can't be there...then I'll pick someone else to join me at the time.

Would you choose your baby's gender if you could? 

-No; we are having a girl for a reason, even if we don't know that reason.

How long do you plan on working? 

-If possible, working until delivery, then back to work after 6 -8 weeks depending on type of delivery. I love my job and love working and as long as I can find a balance between being a mom and working I plan to do both.


The Robinsons said...

You are so funny. What OB practice do you go to? I am willing to bet it if it the same as mine, that doctor is the same person!!

Daniel and Robin said...

Laura I go to Mid-Carolina OBGYN - they are out of Rex!