Sunday, December 13, 2009

Walter vs. The Mud

Ok, as promised, I'm now typing up the briefest version I can of the events from my Granny's birthday party last weekend! She turned 81 and all of her kids, plus grandchildren (3 including Daniel) pitched in to make sure she had a great evening. My dad even flew up to be there for the weekend! Essentially, we invited her closest friends, her Sunday School class. She's been leading this class for at least 24 long as I've been alive. Those women are so close and of course, dear to my heart because they've always been a part of mine and Walter's lives as well (they really eat Walter up!!). Anyway, we threw her a dinner party and she essentially held court at the head of the table with all of her friends surrounding her. The family sat in the living room but it was so great to watch her and this huge table of women she's grown old with...she was smiling so much. My aunt was very anxious the whole night that things go perfectly. Minimal drama until Walter, my uncles, my dad and Daniel went outside to move all of the cars (the HOA has all sorts of strict rules about cars and such). Remember, last weekend it was cold and rainy all weekend...and my aunt's yard is extremely low so...there was a mud slick out there.

Anyway, the guys were all taking turns moving cars and then all of the sudden they all walked in with their eyes huge and there is Walter at the end of the line of them: COVERED FROM HEAD TO TOE IN MUD!!!! I mean head to toe. He goes, "Form a wall!!" I could've done that just by turning sideways...alone. But anyway, we blocked the ladies view of him for a path to his bedroom. I ran back there to check on him and help him get cleaned up and make the least bit of mess. Once back there he explained what happened.

Apparently one of my uncles was moving a car that had been parked in the grass (one of the sweet old ladies couldn't see she was parking just in the yard and not on the driveway) and he hit a patch of deep mud. Walter yelled "Stop" but my uncle thought he saw Walter waving him he ended up spinning out...and all the mud spun on to Walter. Again, we're talking head to toe. Covered.

I was hoping to get photos but he'd already gotten to boxers and was putting on new pants by the time I got to his room and got this story. And I'm sorry for all of you that I was too late...because it was hilarious. When he was done cleaning up he looked at me and said "Am I good?"

"No, Walter. There is dirt up your right nostril."

Wipes it out. "Now?"

"Wait, there's some in your teeth."

Poor guy.

Anyway, he got all cleaned up and not a single guest at that party knew what had occurred. Of course, the rest of us who did know and see Walter had to continuously run outside and laugh the entire rest of the evening.

Honestly, we should all know by now that if you get the men together in my family for any event, they will end up wet or catching something on fire. And Daniel fits right in with them.

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