Monday, January 25, 2010

Almost there...

...with our nursery at least. Below are a few pictures of our crib adventures. Daniel set it up downstairs (in record time!) then we realized it'd have to be disassembled to make it up to the nursery upstairs. Oh well - lesson learned!

Ok, so the mattress is high in this set up right now - we are aware and plan to lower it later! Note that the hot pink pillow actually looks orange. I'd hoped to show off how great hot pink is set off by the aqua walls...but I'm not so great with the lighting. Trust us - it's amazing.

So you can see the detail on the end of the crib - ignore the mess on the floor surrounding. Like I said the nursery is still a work in progress.

Proud Daddy after he set up the crib the first time. We realized he'd trapped himself inside when building it. Isn't he soooooo cute??

Anyway, we still need to paint 1/4 of the nursery and then move Dan's church books to the bedroom (need new shelves for that). Then, we just add the glider from Aunt Cat when it gets here and the dresser/changing table when we get that.

Oh, and add some awesome Zebra print striped curtains. And some other cutsey items!

**Big thank you to the special people who helped us get the crib!! It's all so real now!!**


Teresa said...

You've been on my mind this week. Please let me (or Katie) know what baby things you need so we can help out!


Teresa Leake

Tabb and Michelle said...

Robin...I love the colors and I love you!!!

Ashley said...

I love the color on the walls! That was the color I had picked out if we had a little girl and I just painted my kitchen that color. You have excellent taste ;)