Saturday, January 30, 2010

Another Pregnancy Survey

I was going to make a snow-day blog posting but...I'm just not up to it. We have a virus here and so maybe I'll get to it tomorrow. Until then, here is a pregnancy survey for your enjoyment (I'm aware ya'll probably don't enjoy these -- but it's our blog so...)

1. What was the first indicator you were pregnant? When about two weeks late Daniel said..."You've been sick lately. Did you even get your period?"

2. How long did you wait to take a pregnancy test? How many did you take?  As soon as Daniel said that we went out and bought a two pack pregnancy test (the cheap ones). A few days later I decided the tests must've been wrong and we bought two more. - so 4 tests total

3. What did you feel at the moment you found out you were pregnant? What did you do? the thought "this isn't real" ran through my mind  - and then I said to Daniel "Um...we're having a baby" Or something along these lines

4. How did you tell your partner you were pregnant? Nothing creative (see above). I was in panic mode

5. Do you take your prenatal vitamins everyday? I had to stop them for a while because they were making me so nauseated. Now, I take a basic daily vitamin supplement because my iron is so low.

6. How long did your morning sickness last? My "5pm and after sickness" lasted about three weeks

7. What are you doing/did do to avoid stretch marks? I'm honestly not that worried if I get them. I sort of see them as a rite of passage and they don't bother me. I use lotion like I always have but nothing over the top.

8. Do you feel more or less sexy/beautiful now that your pregnant? I personally feel like a whale when I get up out of bed at night or try to roll over. But I also love how Daniel looks at me right I'd say it depends on the day how I feel about how I look.

9. How often do you read, talk, or sing to LO? Talk and sing more than read

10. What scares/scared you most about childbirth? Just the not knowing quite what to expect I think

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