Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Where to begin? Daniel had what might have been the most exciting day of his life (until Abigail is born) and I had an interesting day too. Let's start with Daniel's day - it's cuter:

Daniel loves Wendy's. Correction: Daniel used to love Wendy's until they changed the fries that they serve recently. Whenever we grabbed fast food his pick was for Wendy's. I swear he could eat it 5 times in a week. Sadly, we actually eat fast food fives times in a week sometimes...although we mix Subway in there to justify it. Anyway, he recently stopped suggesting we go there and when I asked why he said it's because their fries changed and they were bad. He was right - I tried them for myself.

Today, after my OB appointment he was starving and I was craving a cup of ice (yes, ice) so we went to the Wendy's right next to my OB's place. The fries tasted a lot better. Not the same as they used to be....but better. We also watched a training meeting of managers regarding some new salt shaker they use cooking. Well, as we were leaving I decided I needed another cup full of ice to satisfy me. At that point the regional trainer offered Daniel a free large fry saying they were new - newer than the ones we don't like so much. I pointed out we'd actually stopped giving Wendy's our business because we disliked the "old new fries" so much. The "new new" fries were really quite great. Not too salty (they were using their new salt shaker) and crunchy on the outside. We will be going back to Wendy's because they were so much better.

SO, Daniel had one of the most fantastic days of his life so far - not only did he get FREE fries that were delicious, he was asked to judge the fries by a regional trainer, his opinions were taken into consideration, AND they were the newest fries that haven't been released at any Wendy's in the area until that exact second!!

**If you know our family, you know that not much can get better than FREE FOOD...even if it's bad free food. So yummy free food that we are the first to try...let me put it this way - that is just great enough for Daniel to call his dad at work and share the news!**

My experience: for the past week or so I've had some odd symptoms, as well as what I thought were contractions, that have really left me (and family and friends) thinking that labor was coming sooner than the due date. Turns out, I have a raging bladder infection (and a respiratory infection we already knew about). So, no contractions. Just Abigail's head knocking against my inflamed bladder. *I swear my husband whispers to her to do evil things to me during the few hours of sleep I get.* The pain when I walk, the feeling that I've been beaten violently, my inability to sit up without intense pain, my lack of peeing when I need/want to pee, etc. all equal bad bladder infection. If I wasn't pregnant I definitely think I would've recognized it for what it is, but I was so focused on signs of labor, I didn't put it all together.

Now, I'm on the highest doses of capsule form Amoxicillin they can give you (see above pills), three times a day. We are all hoping we've caught this early enough that it hasn't traveled to my kidneys already. That would add a new set of problems I don't want to consider. Hopefully, these medicines, tons of water, and rest (thanks to my sweet Daniel for taking care of the house and me!) I should be feeling better in just a few days and able to be back at work until delivery. Also, if the respiratory infection is a bacterial infection, the antibiotics will knock that out too.

***BTW - I am not dialated at all. The doctor checked and then said "Cervix is high and tightly closed," and I responded/shouted, "Dammit!" Then apologized. But I wasn't really that sorry.***

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JamesnMeagan said...

I totally craved ice when i was pregnant. It was pretty much the only thing I craved. I still like it sometimes now too :)